December 12, 2017

Tsuyu Asui Medieval AU cosplay WIP

Hello! Welcome back to my blog, today I'm here to share about my latest costume progress. This costume is a huge step up from my previous works as I really looked into how medieval costumes are made, then reinterpret my own version of Tsuyu's Medieval Alternate Universe maiden dress. There isn't a lot of references that I could pick up for this version as it's a spin off from the canon story line. Even from the images I found, there were various differences which I've put up here for your reference. If you couldn't tell what I mean, take a look at the details on the apron, stocking and boots.

In the end I picked the illustration on the left as my main guide but I used the striped stockings on the right.

I started off the costume by making the corset piece. I was very sure that I wanted to use black velvet fabric for this and I got the corset pattern from a Japanese book. For the boning I chose plastic boning because I only wanted the sturdy fit, not making my waist line extra small. The corset was machine sew except for the details which I hand sew. When I drafted the corset, I removed the front opening so to make it possible to wear it, I made the lacing extra long. It's a bit of a hassle to put on but I still manage to wear it on by myself each time without problems. Oh btw, I test fitted the corset as soon as I was done with it during night time, so please excuse me for being in my pajamas.

I took weeks to find the right floral details for this costume and finally found the one I like at a shop near where I stay. They had just enough for my entire costume, lucky! I searched many places and compared lots of designs and prices for the floral applique and finally decided on the one in the right image. That's the right one, aha! (sorry for the bad pun)

As you can see, the one I chose had just the right amount of shiny edges around it and the warm shades fits the fabrics I've bought. The one on the left was a tad too shiny and I didn't like the contrast of black borders.

Making of the skirt and apron was really easy. Everything was tied on, so there's no fastening on the garment itself. I was able to source for the green cotton fabric locally, as well as the white cotton lace for the striped skirt. However, the red and white fabric plus the gold lace trimmings are sourced from Taobao as I couldn't find them locally. I ordered them 2 months in advance so my materials can arrive in time, and I have time to sew before the convention. Always plan early!

I already got a belt from a thrift store nearby, which I repainted the PVC leather with acrylics to the shade of brown I wanted and made this cute little pouch which can slide onto the belt so I can store my belongings during the event! Oh, talking bout storage, I made hidden pockets in the dress too! They are really convenient when you need to walk around all day~

Look who's here to visit me!

Plan your costume schedule wisely and allocate time to work on it each day. I actually just started a full time job as I started working on this costume. Each day after work I only have about an hour or 2 to sew or craft, unless it's the weekend where I can stay home all day on Saturday to sew. In total the whole process of making this costume took 20+ days (not including prior research and material sourcing).

Test fit of the costume so far~

I'm missing the boot covers and the wig. Oh, and I did sew a white blouse for the outfit. It's a simple basic top with sweetheart neckline and puffed sleeves. The length of it doesn't really matter because you're gonna tuck that into the corset. For the bottom, I wore a petticoat which I bought online for the poof. You can always make that.... but it's a lot of fabric to deal with so I rather get a ready made one.

Close of details of the top.

I first wore the blouse top, stockings and petticoat, then the corset, followed by the skirt and apron then finally the belt. There're so many layers in this costume!

Boot covers are up next! I used white PVC leather which are a little stretchy. The process is about the same as how I did the boot covers for my previous Little Witch Academia costume. I added 3 velcro tabs at the bottom, where the space between the platform and the heel is. A mini 'collar' was sewn on, floral applique were attached with hot glue gun and the line down the middle was painted on with red acrylic paint. These were all done within a day's time.

I did a costest of Tsuyu earlier on before the costume was ready. I thought I might as well show you my makeup test too. This was how the wig looked like before I styled it with braids on the sides.

Latest costest selfie~ I didn't make the tongue, it was a sour chewy candy XD Styled the wig here and changed a little on the eye makeup for the bottom lashes.

And finally a full look of the costume! I can't wait to bring this cosplay to Comic Fiesta this coming weekend! After the event I definitely want to do a photoshoot for this costume ♥ Upon completing this costume, I feel the sense of achievement looking how much I've progressed this year in costume making. This year I only started sewing costume in May, which is the Stocking Anarchy one which feels really simple compared to this set. For 2018 I'm looking forward to sew even more challenging projects!

Thank you for reading this far and please continue to support my costume making journey~ Especially on my social media platforms! Facebook & Instagram

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