December 11, 2017

Cosmart 2017

Cosmart was held at the end of October on the weekend before Halloween. It's my first time attending this event because I have always been away in Singapore when it happened during the years before. It is an event where cosplayers can rent small booths to sell any second hand items such as wigs, costumes, makeup, props and many more! I attended the event on its second day with Angel after our Little Witch Academia photoshoot.

Hello from Akko!

First thing to do as soon as I arrive was to collect my pre-order photobook from Kazuko and Weon Haur! I have been following them for a really long time and I love their cosplays so much. Their photobook was amazing, and even had tutorials on how they made their costumes! Plus they are super nice IRL, I always feel so happy meeting them ♥

Met some really nice friends at the event!

Got a photo with Ying Tze too, her original character was so cute! I love her poofy hair XD Also met Tomia who's super sweet too, and she said that I looked cute but I'm like 'You're the cutest here!!! *blushes*'

Was so happy to meet King again, the last time I saw her was at Comic Fiesta 2013. And Sansin who was super nice and she held my hand when we met?! *melts* I'm so happy I finally met her!

We also found Jasminka! Super thrilled to find cosers from the same series :D

The event was hell at MyTown shopping mall's basement, and the lighting was quite dark. Many people walked outside to the open area for photos, and we did too, for selfies XD

We left the event around 6pm (actually we just went somewhere else in the mall) for dinner with some friends I got to know from Angel. Dinner was at a steamboat restaurant where we celebrated my birthday in advance too!

Looks as if I lighted up the candles on the cake with my magical wand, but if it's Akko I think she would've screwed up and turn the cake into something else hahahahaha XD

One more photo before we go home! Cosmart was super fun, probably because we had a great photoshoot to start the day, then while we were at the event, there were lots of people who recognized our cosplay. :D Got to know a lot of new friends and catch up with some old ones. ♥

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