November 4, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 9: Warehouse Kawasaki & Ikebukuro

I have been following this Japanese fashion label NIIMI for some while and when I saw that they shot on of their collection at Warehouse Kawasaki I wanted to visit the place so much! Warehouse Kawasaki is an entire building of arcade designed around the concept of Kowloon Walled City. The exterior looks nothing like the buildings around it and the inside is even more amazing.

The place was a little far off from Tokyo but luckily that day I met up with a friend from Singapore who's working in Japan and drives a car so we all went there together.

Entrance to Warehouse Kawasaki.

As the main door slides open, you walk into a short tunnel then another door opens up.

It feels a little creepy as you walk in but it isn't like some horror attraction lol XD The Kowloon Walled City decor actually only covers about 2 to 3 floors, the rest of the arcade had different settings. Also do check out the male toilet which was so much cooler than the female's hahaha~

The day we went there was a cosplay event ongoing and only participants of the event were allowed to take photos... which was kinda weird because on other days you can go in and take photos as you like. I still took some because I didn't want to miss the opportunity to after coming from far away. Just pretended that I'm a silly tourist who didn't understand instructions, and when the staff tried to tell us in Japanese we replied in English hahahaha we're so bad :P

At the exit towards the carpark, there was a really cool area for photographs and I wish I had brought another lens with me than the 50mm :(

The top floor of the arcade is actually a place for people to enjoy reading manga or the sort. It had a totally different vibe from the floors below.

There was one floor with pool tables only. The entire building had so many good locations for cosplay photoshoots! And I'm really loving the dystopian vibe here ♥

After visiting Warehouse Kawasaki, my friend drove us back to Ikebukuro but he didn't join us for dinner. I wanted to go to Kura Sushi which had a branch in Ikebukuro. I'm pretty sure you might've seen this place being featured for its gacha gacha attraction. Basically, for 5 plates of sushi, you get a chance to try the gacha gacha lucky draw. And the seasonal prizes are limited to the store. We ended up having 15 plates to get 3 tries and I finally got a One Piece washi tape ♥ I've got to thank Misato for helping me to eat up to 15 plates together hahaha! The place has a long queue so be sure to get there early~

Since we were at Ikebukuro, of course I had to visit the Pokemon Center at Sunshine City! It was so cute and I bought a few souvenirs back home. I even requested for extra plastic bags because it was just too cute!

We left Sunshine City and went over to Animate which was just on the opposite street. They have so many amazing costumes here, but the prices are really 'amazing' too. But it was good reference on materials and fabrics used to make these high quality costumes.

They had a crazy selection of high quality wigs too.

Lots of makeup and contact lenses to choose from! I swear cosers in Japan are so blessed with these resources. I did buy some products back to try on but I think next time when I visit Japan I'll be grabbing even more stuff home hahahaha XD

Animate was having a Haikyuu cafe too but when I visited it was near the closing time :'(

Yuri on Ice was crazy popular last year when I visited. They had YOI stuff everywhere!

Ikebukuro had so many other places which I didn't get to visit, but I'll be sure to come back again. Before we head back home we stopped by at Mister Donut and got their Christmas mini donut set to share. They were so good, I think everything I've had in Japan so far tasted really good hahaha~

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