November 23, 2017

Little Witch Academia photoshoot

Last month, for the very first time after cosplaying for 8 years, I finally did a proper photoshoot at a photo studio with my best friend Angel. I was the one who got her into Little Witch Academia and in the end we decided to cosplay together as Akko and Diana. The team at Trigger Studio produced some of my favourite series, even when they were still part of Gainax, namely Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, Space Patrol Luluco and so much more.

Our photographer of the day was Tin, who was even a bigger fan of Trigger than I am. Assisted us was his girlfriend Katsuki who helped us out with so many ideas and props, really grateful for having both of them at the shoot. We shot at Cupcats Studio which was having a limited time Halloween themed decor at one of their studio set.

My favourite photo from the shoot because it's just too funny hahahaha! It's the scene from episode 10, Bee Commotion. It was Katsuki's idea to shoot and edit this XD I'm printing this photo to decorate my wall lol

This was taken when Tin tested out the lighting and I didn't know if I should be posing yet, but it turned out looking nice :D Akko's dress is really short and when I sit in this costume I have to be extra careful. I mentioned in the costume WIP post about the different skirt length for each character :D

Studying really is not Akko's thing hmph.

Exemplary student, Diana~

'Guess who?'

'Hey, help me out with some magic spells~'

Akko never fails to mess up and Diana is always there to save her day ♡

'I swear it wasn't me who made this mess!'
'Watch me.'
'That's amazing!'

A bonus gif from the shoot!

To be honest, this being the first photoshoot experience for each of us, Angel and I were very surprised with the outcome of this set. We booked 2 hours at the studio and managed to finish the shoot before the allocated time and even had time for extra stuff like the Bee Commotion photo and this gif. During the shoot we were able to get the right shots from just 2 to 3 clicks which saved us so much time XD After the shoot we went to Cosmart which was just a 10 minutes drive from Cupcats Studio, which will be in the next post~ Thanks for viewing this photoset and please help to share it on Facebook ( you like it!

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