October 28, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 8: Koenji

After visiting Gotokuji temple, Misato and I headed over to Koenji because I haven't explored that area yet. Koenji has lots of small stores hidden here and there and you really have to research to find out where they are located. It's a place with lots of hidden gems!

By the time we got there the sky was already dark.

I follow Kiki on instagram and really love their style so I wanted to visit their actual store! There are 2 Kiki shops in Koenji and this was the second one. They sell vintage clothing, accessories and goods, all with a barbie girl/disney princess vibe.

Kiki 2
Opening hours: 1pm - 8pm

Misato said she looked like a weird jiji beside me lol XD

I'd love to take OOTD like this all the time if my room is as cute as this hahaha~

We then also visited Kiki's main store.

Opening hours: 1pm - 8pm

Kiki's main store had a different vibe than Kiki 2. Both are equally cute but my style leans more towards Kiki 2 where it's dreamy and pastel toned.

Next we went to visit Koenji's Kita-kore building. The place is a collection of different stores and it appears to be really rundown on the outside. But once you enter the place they are each really amazing with its unique vibe. This store which is located at the second floor is Southpaw by Cathy from Nincompoop Capacity.

東京都杉並区高円寺北3丁目4-11 キタコレビル2F

Some photos of its interior. I wasn't very sure if I could take photos in there actually, but it's a really interesting store so I tried to sneak some lol :P Southpaw's items are remake clothing pieces. They're all very interesting and I love looking through their instagram for inspirations and ideas on remake fashion.

We went to Denny's family restaurant for dinner that night~

Koenji is definitely a good place to check out if you're in Tokyo. It's only 1 stop away from Nakano where Nakano Broadway is. I went there on a tight schedule this trip but I definitely want to go back and spend more time there when I get to go Tokyo again.

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