September 23, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 6: Kanda Myojin & Akihabara

The next day after our Disneysea adventure, I went alone to Akihabara to relax and hunt for some manga and figurines. Misato couldn't join me that day since she was still tired from the long day before, plus she isn't an otaku like me lol :P With that being the case, I asked my friends on Facebook what are the places I should visit when I'm around the area and Chai recommended me to visit Kanda Myojin which is also known as the Love Live shrine. I'm not a fan of the series to tell the truth, but since I was nearby I thought it'd be cool to check it out.

According to google maps, the closest station was Ochanomizu so I got off there and slowly walked towards the shrine. Love the scenery along the way!

The gate to the shrine is between 2 blocks of building, but there are lots of people going there so it should be easy to spot.

Colourful thousand cranes hung around the shrine ♥

It wouldn't be called Love Live shrine if there aren't any of the characters around it right? There were so many great sketches of the characters from the series/game on the ema.

Hello, I'm here visiting the Love Live Shrine a.k.a Kanda Myojin~

More of cute Love Live ema~

Overall the shrine was a pretty nice place to visit, even if you're not a Love Live fan just like me lol. It wasn't crowded when I went there so it's good for photos too. Do make this part of your itinerary when you visit Akihabara if you have some time to spare :)

From the shrine I wanted to go the the main street of Akihabara and google maps brought me towards this huge flight of stairs, and it turns out that it appeared in Love Live according to my friend. I'm glad I took a photo of it haha!

Akihabara was about 5 minutes walk from the shrine. I went on a weekday so there are cars on the road, but if you happen to go there on a weekend the roads are closed so you can actually stand in the middle of the street for photos! If only I knew and went on a weekend!!!

Gacha Gacha, UFO catcher and several arcades spotted around the long stretch of Akihabara main street.

I didn't take as many photographs that day since I wanted to just chill and enjoy walking around, plus some shops did not allow photography. There are usually several floors inside each shop so do take your time and slowly browse through their stuff and sometimes you might find some rare gems!

Some shops are even located at the basement, and it was exciting for me to explore, feels like entering a new gaming map and finding all the materials and rare gems hidden here and there lol

There are lots of second hand figurines sold here too, just like in Nakano Broadway. But the difference I find between these 2 places is that Nakano Broadway tends to offer more retro stuff whereas Akihabara offer merchandises which are more likely to be in trend or you can say more closely tied to the image of otaku culture. That said, I do enjoy both places equally for its uniqueness.

I visited Mandarake here at Akihabara too. It's comparatively smaller than the ones in Nakano since they are spread out and has a shop for each category. Whereas in Akihabara the categories are arranged by floors, taking up an entire building so it's definitely more compact but you shouldn't miss out on it too.

I manage to find a Sailormoon toy compact for 100yen and also got a few books of manga here. I also got a few figurines from the Lucky Star series around Akihabara too, there are more of them here compared to Nakano lol. Lucky Star is still my favourite series after all these years so I was happy that I finally got myself 2 Konata figurines!

Since I was out alone the whole day by myself I decided to grab dinner from a nearby Family Mart near my Airbnb place. I got Katsudon that day because of Yuri On Ice lol :P I don't think anyone got my message when I posted it on my Instastory back then but yes this is the reason hahahaha......

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