September 20, 2017

Jabami Yumeko photoshoot with Chelses

Last month I was invited by Chelses to join her for her Jabami Yumeko photoshoot at Cupcat Images along with Shin as the photographer. We've worked together before 2 years ago so I was really happy to meet everyone again. This time round we're shooting Jabami Yumeko from Kakegurui. It's a really great series and I was so excited to know more about it's story so I went ahead and read the manga till it's latest chapter. During the photoshoot Shin mentioned how every time Chelses invited me to help her out it's always sexy characters, so we're looking forward again to the next time she calls me for help hahaha!

It was my first time visiting Cupcats and the place was really awesome, they had so many sets for photoshoot and their fluffy in house cats are always roaming about ♥ Shin also kindly let me join in and take some photos in between so here are some of the shots I managed to get!

It's always so fun to work on cosplay photoshoot and I definitely wish I can participate more often~ Everyone is enjoying what they do and it's so much fun to work on new stuff or meet new people each time.

Group photo!

You can also check out Chelses's BTS video trailer. She will be sharing the full version on her Patreon so do check it out if you're interested! Also, click here if you would like to see some of the photos took by Shin, and the rest of them are on Chelses's Patreon as well :)

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