December 22, 2016

Comic Fiesta 2016

Comic Fiesta just happened over the weekend and it was pretty fun for me ^^ I have a few complaints regarding the heat and ventilation but overall I was happy that I got to meet old and new friends. This year I also cosplayed on Day 2 with my cousin so it felt a little different since I haven't cosplayed to a local event in ages! There isn't as much photos as I hope there would be because it was way too crowded for me to pull out my DSLR with 50mm lens and I decided not to bring my camera along on Day 2 because I had way too many things to bring so the second day photos are just selfies with my friends.

Smart Dolls are so beautiful as usual, and so expensive too....... They are releasing a short bob hairstyle one soon and from the pictures on twitter it looks so cute!

I was surprise because I didn't know Loiza was going to Comic Fiesta! When they came to AFA Singapore 2016 they only brought the artbooks and A3 prints so I didn't buy any. I usually prefer postcard size prints as they are easier to store. I got the Sona print! ^^

Doujin booths were swarmed with crowd so it was hard to take photos around there but this was a really beautiful illustration. The ventilation at the doujin and premium booth hall was so terrible this year. As soon as you walk in you will start sweating and everyone sweats so the whole hall is filled with body odor. During peak hours the doujin booths get so crowded that it felt suffocating to even walk around, that was how bad it was. I couldn't wait to get out of that hall once I was done looking through the booths.

Lots of figurines and plushies were sold at the event as well. I bought so much in Japan thus I'm kinda broke now so I didn't buy much this CF.

Managed to catch Kiba and her Code Geass team at the photography area. This is the only photo I took of the cosplayers at Comic Fiesta because it was too hot, crowded and the lighting wasn't really good indoors.

Day 2 I went in the afternoon with my cousins and her student. We all cosplayed as characters from League of Legends so it was really colouful and fitting to walk around together.

Since I'm done looking around on day 1, day 2 was just to meet my friends and walk around in cosplay. Ying Tze was really buy on both days but I'm glad I managed to say hi on second day. Chelses was having a booth too and it's been forever since I met her, so I'm happy to talk to her and take a selfie together. But really, since I'm usually away and studying in Singapore, I feel like I really need to ask my friends to hang out together and do some catch up haha! Also met Yoi who came all the way from Singapore for Comic Fiesta and her cousin Komori who's really cute!

Also got to say hi to Jin and Miguel and took a photo with them thanks to Chai! :D It's my first time meeting them and they're really nice!

Ahhh and I'm also really happy to meet Chai and Aian again this year! I wasn't able to attend Comic Fiesta last year but I still got to meet them but this year we were able to hang out after the event too. Chai did a mini shoot for me too, looking forward to the images~

On a side note, parts of my costume fell off before I got to the event so regrettably I didn't have all the pieces on. I need to fix them soon and perhaps so a proper photoshoot in the future? I'm still looking for photographers to collaborate. Then again, because some of them fell off, I was able to navigate around the event much more easily because those parts would've made me walk super slow and carefully. (I don't know how Lux goes to combat in full costume... or maybe because she's Star Guardian so she had special powers...?)

Left the event around 6pm and changed before I head back home, except that I couldn't remove the wig at the event because I glued the sides onto my face. It's my first time trying out that method and while it makes me look really good in photos it hurts to take it off lol. I used eyelash glue for this but imagine pulling a huge chunk of fiber off your face, it isn't a pleasant as you think it'd be. Moreover, as Star Guardian Lux wears a headband over her forehead so I got that on the entire time even when I was sweating like there's no tomorrow, my makeup pretty much melted off in that part. You can see a line just above my eyebrows where the headband rested.

I crafted this costume entirely by myself and if you're interested in reading the process, click here for part 1 and part 2. Hope you had fun reading this post and my Tokyo trip posts will be up next~

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