December 20, 2016

AFA Singapore 2016

Hello I'm back to blogging! December has been really busy for me so far, and since I have a few days free right now I decided to sort out photos from AFA and Star Guardian Lux cosplay WIP part 2 which hopefully will be up tomorrow! I just went and came back from Tokyo last week and haven't got started on sorting over 1500 photos so that will probably take me a while. Lots of interesting contents lined up including product reviews, Life Lately post and also Comic Fiesta which just happened over the weekend. But first, back to AFA Singapore 2016.

It's my third year attending AFA Singapore and as always I really enjoy the event. This year was especially fun because I had my friend Angel tagging along with me and also I have some friends whom I was able to meet during the event. Events are all about meeting my friends and seeing their awesome cosplays! :D

As always, the first thing I do as soon as I got to the event for to hunt for the doujins!!! I saw this booth which was selling super cute League of Legends art and the Star Guardian Lux illustration instantly caught my eye. The artist was away when I got there, but I came back immediately as soon as she was back. Initially I only wanted to get a folder but when I saw the artbook I gave in lol :P You can check out her works on her page.

NHK Kawaii International was having a booth too and they had the time capsule event. It's started by Sebastian Masuda which is also the art director behind 6% Doki Doki and Kawaii Monster Cafe. I wrote my messsage to myself, decorated then sealed it up and toss it inside Domo-kun. The time capsule is to be opened 20 years later.....which by then I'll be 41 lol ^^;

Of course I had to take a picture with Sebastian Masuda-san! I love his artwork style and the crazy colours, elements and texture in his works.

While walking around I saw Real Akiba Boyz at one of the booths. I really enjoy their performance and have been following them on Youtube since I saw them last year and was able to briefly talk to their members about how much I enjoy their videos! I love their energy and how funny they are hahaha XD

REIKA-san!!! No matter how many times I've seen her, I still love her so much! Her cosplay skills are so good and she's really nice and funny too. It was really hard to take a picture of her as everyone else wanted to see her as much as I do so the stage area was crowded with all her fans.

This year they had a Sword Art Online exhibition. I enjoyed the first part of the series but the rest not so much... Though I really enjoy the exhibition style they had at the booth where they showed the storyboard illustrations, interactive games, costumes, figures and merchandise. At the entrance you have to 'log on' and inside it feels entirely like a separated space dedicated to SAO within the event.

Awesome figurine display as always!

Kero and Suppie plushies! I'm not sure how the new series of Cardcaptor Sakura would turn out but it's on my to watch list already. Anyone else is excited for the series too?

I didn't take much pictures of cosplayers this year as Angel and I were quite tired during the 2 days we went. Plus she came all the way to Singapore to visit me and to enjoy the event so I wanted to just spend time with my friend instead of going everywhere hunting for cosplayers to take photos of.

Despite telling myself not to buy too many stuff since I was travelling to Japan soon, I actually ended up with so many things lol ^^; Most of them are stickers because I really enjoy collecting them, the artbook and folder I got from the artist I mentioned above, RAB stickers given by the RAB themselves and some One Piece merchandises which I bought so that I can get the One Piece paper bag hahahahahaha

And that concludes my post on AFA Singapore 2016! It's a little short compared to previous years since I didn't take much photos and I only bought tickets for exhibition since there wasn't much programs in the stage schedule that interest me. Akiba Stage itself was really enjoyable to me already. I really like AFA's guest management as it's really easy for attendees to work around the schedule and be able to meet the guest in various spots around the event.

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