September 8, 2016

Sonico Cosplay Photshoot

Rarely I would have such opportunity to do this kind of photoshoot, but I happened to bump to a friend in school today and she was cosplaying as part of her social experiment project. I was lucky enough to have my DSLR with me today so naturally I just had to grab the chance to do an impromptu mini photoshoot with her. We only met recently through a mutual friend and she's still pretty new to the anime and cosplay scene, but I'm glad there's a new friend that I can talk to about all these things, haha!

Honestly I was having a pretty bad day since morning, with lots of project and group work matters. But thanks to this little surprise, my day was brightened up. There's still this magical feeling of happiness from taking these photos as I'm typing this post at 1am lol. Being able to do things I love even for a mere 20 minutes shoot is like a boost of motivation for me to do better for the rest of the day. :)

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