December 4, 2015

National Gallery Singapore

I have heard of the National Gallery Singapore since last year and have always wanted to visit it as the building was originally the Supreme Court and City Hall before converting into a Southeast Asian art gallery. The gallery officially opened on 24 November 2015 which was also the date I visited with my classmates. It was free entry when we went there but if I'm not wrong it's $20 for foreign visitors. More information can be found on their website.

The interior was absolutely gorgeous, from the tiles to the walls, lighting fixes and general atmosphere. I felt like I could spend all day doing my assignments there. Not sure if that's possible, but it'll be so cool. It's the largest gallery I've ever been to, by the time we're done our feet couldn't take it anymore, and the day we went, part of the gallery exhibition wasn't open yet, so imagine when everything's open for visits, you'll spend hours there if you are the type who takes time to appreciate the artworks or just being fascinated by the building itself.

The Ghibli themed painting and the Awesomenurse 2015 were by Renn and Aira, local pair of young artist aged 11 and the latter, 9. I was lucky to visit before their works got took down, which you can find the full story here.

Some of the goods sold at Gallery & Co. I loved the crochet dinosaurs, I even posted them on my instagram haha! I was informed that they will open a cafe soon, so if you're interested please check them out while you visit the gallery~

Not a proper OOTD shot but I loved the colourful background here. :P

The gallery had so many artworks and I was quite happy to see a number of Malaysian artworks exhibited. It wasn't boring to be as I understood the references they were trying to convey in some works, like the war times and history around Malaya. There were some Indonesian artworks too that I found interesting, but some you've got to understand Malay to be able to know what it is about.

After we're done visiting the gallery we went to the roof top. You should totally go up there, the view from above was amazing. Plus, there was a bar where you can chill with a drink and some finger foods. The lighting and background was great for selfies too XD

This post has been pretty image heavy but the next post on AFA might have even more photos to show, haha! I wanted to blog about it sooner but I thought I'd clear off these backlogs first or they'll be in my personal archives forever. After the post on AFA there's one more post before I left Singapore. I'm trying to get them posted before I leave for my Laos school trip a week from now. I'm looking forward to share new experiences!

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