December 3, 2015

Coney Island

It's been rather happening the past few weeks, with submissions to deal with then exploring parts of Singapore and attending the annual AFA Singapore, of which I will be blogging in sequence (I'm still sorting out the pictures lol). I am finally back in KL again, for a short while this round as I will be heading to Laos for a week as part of a school trip, and that I'll be missing Comic Fiesta for the first time in years :( After that I'll still return to KL to celebrate Christmas with my family and only return to Singapore when the next semester starts.

This post is about Coney Island, which I visited with 2 of my friends in my course this semester. I currently live at Punggol and the area is relatively new, without much amenities so far, but the good thing about that are the lush green fields I travel past everyday. Coney Island also known as Serangoon Island has just been opened to the public recently. There are two entrances, I went to the West gate which lies about 5 minutes walking distance from Punggol Settlement.

The day we went it rained in the morning, so we decided to have brunch at White Restaurant while waiting for the rain to stop. Once the rain stopped we started our journey to explore the beautiful island.

My friend looking so happy in front of the west gate entrance XD

As soon as we stepped into the island, we were enthralled by the beautiful landscape surrounding us. The dew drops that hung down from the leaves that day made the whole experience felt truly magical. I usually prefer to stay away from nature because I don't like to sweat or deal with bugs but the weather that day was so perfect that I wouldn't mind staying there for hours.

We only explored 1/3 of the island that day as my friend's shoes were hurting her feet. I wished I could go on more, after all it's not everyday that I would make the effort to go somewhere close to nature. Coney Island is really beautiful and some spots felt perfect for like a Mononoke Hime photoshoot, in fact we were reminded of a lot of Ghibli movies scenes as we walked along.

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