April 26, 2015

Upcycling Fashion Garment Production

I'm so excited that I'm finally blogging about this school project that I've been working on the past 5 weeks! :D This term I finally started on my major, which is Fashion, and for those who don't know, in my college we are required to study foundation in visual arts for 3 terms before getting into our major. Every year it's the same project for year 1 students, which is an upcycling project. Upcycling garment means that we have to source second hand clothes, deconstruct them and reconstruct into a new piece thorough fabric manipulation. Also, for this project, we were required to hand sew which explains why it took me so long to get it done.

My friend, Han Wen modelled for me and we did the photoshoot at Pinnacle@Duxton. It's an urban HDB (which are the low cost flats in Singapore) and on the 50th floor there is a sky bridge where you can access so by paying $5 per person at the security counter at block 1G, first floor. You can spend all day up there till 2145 where the gate auto locks.

The theme I chose for my project was superhero, hence the strong colour choices and the setting of the photoshoot. I wanted a cityscape background up high, and this was the perfect rooftop area for me to shoot. Seriously, we could see all the way to the sea from up there! It's safe to hang out up there and it's well maintained too so if you're visiting Singapore and would love to explore more perhaps you can try going up here since it's not a typical tourist place.

Photos were shot with a loaned Canon 550D so I had to get used to the camera on the spot. It was nice taking photos through a viewfinder but because I wasn't familiar with the gear I ended shooting in jpeg which I only realized after I printed the photos and noticed the drop in quality. I'm still really disappointed over that right now :'( On the bright side, I plan to work this semester break and I'll be getting myself a proper DSLR at last! :D

Overall the project was pretty fun although I did end up having a few sleepless nights while sewing the garment. It was a fulfilling experience since I had to do all the design research, planning, sewing, styling and photoshoot by myself within a month. It sounds a lot but I really did enjoy the process and seeing the final results at the end. :) My submission is this coming Tuesday so right now I'm preparing all the things I need to display my works. I still don't know what to do with my garment after that, since I didn't make it fit to my size (it's a size 8, slightly altered) and if I am going to sell it I don't know how to do that yet. :/

Anyways, it's 4 more days till I meet my family in Singapore and we'll be going back to KL together! :D I can't wait!

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