April 7, 2015

{Review} Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Device

It's been a long while since I've done a review post and I blame it on the terrible lighting in my room. I have no class today and the landlord was out so I could freely take photos in the living room where there was better lighting. :D I love bright, clean and white spaces which is why my room back in Malaysia is mostly white. Over here I have no choice but to compromise, and to be honest, the darkly lit room has worsen my eyesight this year. I didn't need any glasses but I think I might need prescription when I go for an eye sight check up when I'm home. :(

So anyways, today I'll be reviewing on Philip's VisaPure Facial Cleansing Device. I've been deliberating on whether I should get a Clarisonic for the longest time ever since I wear makeup most of the time for long hours. But before I even saved up to get one for myself, my parents got me VisaPure instead for Christmas last year. As I know, the retail price is around RM700 which is much more expensive than Clarisonic. There are 2 models for VisaPure, blue is without speed setting and pink is with 2 speeds settings. As you can tell the function is less fancy compared to Clarisonic and it doesn't oscillate, instead VisaPure's brush spins. Luckily my parents got it after a huge price discount at around RM400 or I'll feel terrible since Clarisonic Aria is only RM690 (Still cheaper than VisaPure lol).

I have been using this since Christmas and ever 3 months you have to change the brush head. I'm now on my second brush head already. So far I haven't experienced any purging effect which I've heard most users got from Clarisonic and it has kept my skin pretty clean. Of course I still get pimples around that time of the month, but most of the time my skin is clear. :D Also do take note that I don't use it as a daily regime, I only use it every time after I remove my makeup.

It's really simple to use, all you need to do is to press the button and it will start the device. It will spin for 20 seconds, pause for 1 second then continue for another 20 seconds, pause for 1 second and finally another 20 seconds before it stops. In the instructions manual it describes that 20 seconds for each side of the face and the remaining 20 for your T-zone.

The device is set to function up to 30 rounds before charging is needed. So far I've only charged it once, which means you most likely do not need to bring the charger along for a short trip if you've charged it well enough before you depart. :)

The device comes with a drying stand which also serves as a charging port. You can connect the charger at the back of the stand. It doesn't support USB charging so you might need a universal charger depending on where you are.

It is also completely waterproof since I always use it in the shower and do everything in one go XD And usually how I'll use it is that I'll wet the brush, apply some cleansing foam, 'smooth' it out on the brush then I'll start washing my face.

There are 3 brush heads available, normal, sensitive and exfoliating. The pink one is the sensitive brush head which has finer and softer bristles and the white one is the normal brush head. I've not tried out the exfoliating one yet so I can't say anything about that. For the past 3 months I've used the normal brush head and now I'm moving on to the sensitive one. Of course you can use both concurrently but I prefer to save the brush heads for 3 month use each so I don't have to purchase so many of them. The retail price shown on Philips website is RM59 but my parents got it cheaper at RM45 if I didn't remember wrongly. Philips has an annual sales so they got these deals from the sales. ^^

Brush head replacement is really easy, with just on click you can change the brush so it should be simple enough to use. The brush head size is much smaller than Clarisonic which I thought was not much of a problem. Besides, I already have difficulties getting the areas on my nose bridge so a bigger brush head might not do good for me. 60 seconds with this brush head size is more than enough to wash my face XD

In general I will say that it's a good product but I am not promoting or selling it so it's entirely up to you to decide. I am just reviewing a present I got from my parents that's all ^^ I've been wanting to review some beauty products lately so I decided to review on this since it's something different from my usual review on beauty products. I think I might have more things to review but I'll see if I have time to do them or if the lighting is cooperating or I won't be able to snap a decent photograph :/

I should be doing my fashion sketches now so bye! And do follow me on Tumblr as it's much easier to update over there XD It's like a sub-blog with my inspiration, photographs and artworks. :)

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