April 2, 2015

Gallery Sitting Experience

I haven't been much inspired lately to blog, so I went over to Twitter to 'seek for help', not that it's usually helpful when you rant with 140 characters, but at least it's a space where I can freely rant as most friends or family do not follow me on that platform. :D So the other day I tweeted 'I wanna take photographs for my blog but I don't know what concept or subject I want .__________.' and Chai told me about the 1 photo an hour challenge. I didn't know about it before until I gave it a search and I thought, why not? It seemed fun and it gives me a little 'push' to take photographs daily.

You know how things don't always turn out the way you wish they will? I rushed to school in the morning so obviously I forgot about taking photos... Later on I was busy with my class work and going around the school and the 1 photo an hour thing was then at the back of my mind... At least till I was doing my Gallery Sitting shift that I was able to remember to take photos as I was all alone and feeling bored trapped in the small gallery space. :(

As such, here's my account of 4 hours doing my shift at the school gallery.

2.15pm Got my bags down and went around the gallery to check on the artworks. Making sure they are in good condition then proceeded to open the gallery for viewing.

3.00pm The sky got dark and still no one came to the gallery. I'm halfway flipping through my newly bought issue of Zipper in this lonely space on a gloomy day.

4.00pm A few visitors came and each time I get so nervous to speak but I try my best to smile ^^; Oh, the sky cleared up and I doodled Ayumi-chan on a piece of receipt paper to pass time.

5.00pm By now some classes are over so there were more people going around outside the gallery. My friend came soon after to visit and I brought her around and explained to her about the artworks. We had a good chat before my classmates came over too, which made me much happier than the previous few hours of sitting in solitary. Gallery closed at 6.00pm and I finally got to go home!

Anyways, the exhibition is still up till 10 of May at my school. Although I won't be doing the gallery sitting shift anymore, I will be really happy when people visit the gallery and hopefully notice my artworks? :) It's my first time having my artworks to be actually up in a legit gallery space which made me really proud of myself. At least I am reassured that pursuing the arts industry is the right choice. ^^


  1. Lovely gallery, I'm from Singapore too:)

  2. beautiful works indeed. I hope you get your energy back with blogging!
    I had the same problem, what I did is a mental overhaul of what my impression is on my own blog.
    I don't know if it makes sense haha.

    1. I'm trying my best to slowly get into it again. Hmm... what do you mean by mental overhaul?

  3. Wow, gallery-sitting! It's still much more interesting than what I do on a daily basis haha! And your photos are so nice * A * Is your camera still the one you used at CF?

    Hoping to see more 1 photo an hour posts from you! I'll try to make one if I'm not super busy ;;

    1. I don't do it often though! It's just that I had the opportunity to do this hehe
      Yeah, I'm still using the same camera, although I might want to get a dslr soon for my school work and further on > <
      I will try to do a proper one hehe~