January 5, 2015

Misaka Mikoto cosplay photoshoot

First day of school was pretty boring, it started off with an Illustrator workshop then theoretical stuff which absolutely puts me to sleep. I'm still feeling homesick after being home for a month so I had no appetite at all, basically I'm just telling myself to eat because I have to. :( I'm counting down to the days when I can go home again.

Bad things aside, I did a mini photoshoot with Angel during Comic Fiesta 2014 with my newly purchased reflector! After the photoshoot though, I learned that 110cm is too big for me to handle myself and I am looking to buy an 80cm one with a handle instead. Lesson learnt.

There are still so many aspects in photography that I have to learn and learning to control the reflector too so forgive me if I didn't use the reflector quite well. Please share me some tips if you can. :) I'm always happy to learn~

Honestly I can't thank my friends enough for willing to be my guinea pig each time we go to events. What's better than to use them as your subjects when they are perfectly ready in costumes? XDDD Still, shooting for them makes me feel like I have to do better as a form of gratitude after all the troubles they went through to pose for me :)

Lastly a 'sort-of-candid-shot' to end up this post. We were googling image references then we came across a picture that did the same pose. It was funny so of course we tried to replicate it for fun haha!

All in all the photoshoot session was pretty fun and we went in and out of the event halls a few times as it was raining every now and then and we had to make our escape. The only people I've shot so far are my friends so I'm not sure how it'll be if I ever get the chance to shoot with others. I always admire how those cosplay photographers are able to capture the angles, composition and light so well! It's not a day's journey so I hope with lots of practice I'll get somewhere someday! :D

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