January 28, 2015

Far East Mention Mannequins | FEMM

Oh My Goodness. I just had to blog about this.

I know I almost never blog about music but recently I've been looping songs on Spotify but it gets boring sometimes as most of the songs there are the mainstream songs and western songs. I know there are indies there but most of them I've heard so far aren't really my thing. As I was scrolling through my personal Facebook, I came across my friends sharing about this 'DANCE IS NOT A CRIME'. These two girls danced robotically to a remix of Anaconda and they looked so cool in seifuku. I searched them up and found out that they are actually a pretty new group that started in 2013 and only got more popular in 2014.

They are FEMM, which stand for Far East Mention Mannequins with the members RiRi and LuLa. The group is from Japan but they sing their songs in English, which came rather amusing as they are much better than what you'd expect from usual Japanese English accent. I mean I can totally tell what they are singing so I think you can too XD

Here's the video that got me interested in them. They actually have a full version for this but it's not available to play in my country :( But if you're able to find that video, do check it out because I think it should be really cool :D

I'm sold, totally. They are just too cool. How did they come up with all these dance moves?! And I really want to know how they developed the ideas behind each of their music videos! As of now they only have a short list of songs but I'm pretty sure these girls can go far and they will release more great music. I must say that Electro-Pop-Club is not really the kind of music I'd usually opt for while doing my artworks but it's fun to change the mood once in a while from slow paced songs to something really funky. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for anything Japan. Japan and it's quirky and weird stuff ❤

By the way they have a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram too. I'm following them on all these platforms already because I can't wait to see more of them!


  1. I love FEMM!! I haven't heard most of the songs you posted, so thanks for that :D

    1. You're welcome! :D Hope you like those songs ^^