November 27, 2014

Dinner by the River

Personally I'm one who doesn't drink or club and would choose to stay home over socializing anytime. Hello fellow introverts :D

Clarke Quay is just the place where all these things I'd usually avoid are gathered at. And yet yesterday I chose to step out of my comfort zone to just explore and see more of this tiny island. Give a moment for self-applause... Done.

It was pouring just as we got there and naturally my friends and I were bummed about the sudden weather change. These days it has been raining every day in Singapore and it is only nice if it's raining while you're cooped up in your room marathoning dramas. You know what I mean ;) Gladly, the sky cleared up around 6 plus so our plans for the night was able to proceed as arranged! We are pretty indecisive people so we circled the place nearly 10 times before settling down for a Thai restaurant by the river. Food prices here soars up high but given the atmosphere and experience you pretty much pay for what you get. 20 dollars for an average portion of Thai fried rice. That's like 4 times of what I can get at a food court!

We escaped the place before it got too crowded and my friends headed over for a second round to drink and later on a third round to club. Social butterflies really impress me with their overflowing energy to visit crowded places one after another. As for myself I chose to retreat back to my four walls fort to recharge myself after a simple night out. Anyone's with me?

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