October 20, 2014

Little India beauty

A fortnight ago we went around Little India during one of our classes for an upcoming project. Although I alight at Little India MRT station to go to school, I've never explored Little India itself so it was an exciting trip for a tourist like myself. I prefer to still be labelled as a tourist because that way I can have fun and do silly things, haha! The hue of the sky perfectly balance out the gorgeous architecture around Veerasamy Road. I have a place in my heart for antique or vintage object, clothing or even architecture thus being able to get these nice shots made my day.

Vintage items are so unique to me not just because of when they were created or when they were once in trend, rather it's the rich history it has. Although, an item such as clothing may not have much historical significance, but things passed down from one to another indeed has its own story to be told. The context of a vintage item is what makes them have a place in my heart.