October 19, 2014

A week back home

When was my last post??? As usual, I've been busy with none other than, school. Everyday feels like a routine and while it feels nice to be able to get everything in grasp, I really want to break out from my comfort zone. Pushing myself to just do a little more of something different each day is not an easy feat especially when each time I'm done with my homework my eyelids are so heavy that I retire to my bed and fall asleep in the midst of praying. 'Amen' in the morning yeah...

I'm finally done with my vlog during my week back home in Kuala Lumpur! The original footage compilation was over 30 minutes long so it took me quite some time to narrow it down to 3 minutes plus. In honest words, after living in Singapore for 2 months, going back home I felt more like a tourist than being a local. So much has changed within that span of time, and it makes me feel as if all the while when I was home everything happened as if it was an illusion.

It really felt great to be among my family and cats during that week however being home after so long I really felt as if I don't belong at home anymore. Not that I don't belong as part of my family (I always will) but it felt as if I don't fit the norm of Malaysian anymore. Guess I breathe in too much foreign air haha!

This was just around 2 weeks ago when I was having fun being silly and all with my best friend, Angel, while she was still single. She recently got a boyfriend and it was a shocking news to me! I felt really excited for her and kept teasing her about it. ❤ Seeing couples getting all lovey dovey, I admit that sometimes I feel envious of them. However, I do know that I have things I want to achieve within these few years and I am putting priority into my passion and career for now. I'm only 18+ after all, why rush things? :)


  1. That's true. Things will come at the right time. Don't rush things. Just do what you have to do and you'll be fine. :)

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    1. 19 years is barely half of an average lifetime. :D