August 30, 2014

College days

'Hurry! Before August runs out I need to update it with another post!' I finally have a proper weekend where I have some time to update my blog and on top of that with some decent pictures thanks to our photography class. Time is passing like a speeding train as we rush for our homework everyday, living a pretty much same routine each day. It sounds boring but it's rather fun to be doing what you like and be productive. I know myself as a socially awkward person however I'm glad that I have at least met some decent classmates whom I can relate to and just laugh together at every little thing. With that, I'm just going to show you some photos taken during our classes.

We have been taking so many ootd that I'm starting to feel more natural posing for the camera! I'm really camera shy, unless it's only me in my room with my camera, which is the reason why you've seen so many of those beauty review shots with me posing in the photos. They were all styled, photographed and edited by me... I'm really happy to be opening up slowly and getting out of my shell!

Bringing DSLRs around in public and snapping images of the people especially is not and easy feat. While we really like to pretend that we are just tourists, technically we are as we're both from overseas, but we got so many stares as we were taking photographs around town. Knowing that we're doing all these for the sake of our assignment grades is comforting, otherwise I don't know if I'll ever try photographing public spots!

It has been over a month since I first came here and I have really learned so much! Other than managing my life myself and paying bills, I felt that going to an art college really helped me in being a more outgoing person and be able to just express myself without concerning how people look at me (with moderation, of course). I still miss home like crazy but at least with the time passing by so fast I know I'll be home real soon! :D

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