June 18, 2014

Of teas and pastries


I just couldn't refuse a nice offer of teas and pastries at TWG from my aunt. I've always loved this place, the ambient, service and the delicious looking macarons lined up across the glass case which is sure to catch your eyes as soon as you enter the tea salon. Their macarons are my absolute favourite and I never fail to buy at least two on days where I felt like I had to treat myself with something nice. With the gorgeous glass walls and gold fittings, the place looks really expensive (indeed it is!) thus it makes you feel like you've got to dress up for an afternoon tea break. I was more than delighted when I finally was able to get a seat and had the waitress serving me and my company. Seeing that it was Father's Day, we decided to try out their special set for that day and ordered 2 extra teas for the 5 of us. The food was great other than the raspberry cheesecake as we're not fond of cheesecake except for my cousin sister. The teas lived up to their name, and were truly great.

Lately I'm still occupied with the same old things, preparing for my studies and finishing up my nail art course. Just the other day when I thought I wanted to practice my nail art for the remaining tests, my cat decided to jump onto my table when I was away and broke my cuticle oil bottle. It was terrible, oil spilled onto the floor and tiny glass pieces shattered made it much worse. Mom helped me in cleaning everything away but I've got to get a new bottle soon, and I've got to say that it costs quite a sum. Thanks, kitty...


  1. That place looks absolutely delightful! So yummy! I'm sorry to here about your oil bottle :(

    Colour Me In Blog

    1. Yes, it's uber gorgeous! You should visit it one day! :D

  2. Yum! I wish SoCal had more places that served tea casually for brunch...you really have to track 'em down- looks like the perfect afternoon! <3

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    1. Good Luck in that! :D Thanks for reading! (^^)