May 3, 2014

Exfoliate 'em!

How's your weekend coming along? It's Saturday and I think weekend's the time to take a break, relax and pamper yourself. One of the self pamper things I do, other than pigging out, is to give myself time for a nice bath and scrub away the dirt and dead skin cells. Scrubs are really good to clean out blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells, you'll never know how much of these things are layered over your skin until you scrub and see the difference! By cleaning the dirt off your skin, your skin will appear brighter and it enables better absorption of other skin care products! On a side note, scrubbing off dead skin cells helps to slow down aging. Even though I'm not at that age of skin aging yet, it's always good to start early as prevention is better than cure ;)

I have 3 scrubs myself, one for body, one for face and one for lip. Scrubs have different texture and granule sizes, and if they are too harsh for certain parts of the skin on your body, you might over scrub your skin and that's not good. It's like destroying the protective layer you see... Also, some scrubs comes with moisturizing agents, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized after scrubbing off the unwanted dirt. Of course, you can DIY scrubs at home, but I'm really lazy to do so so I'd purchase scrubs from stored instead.



Soap & Glory's Flake Away Body Scrub has been my favourite body scrub so far. I love it so much ever since I bought it back in November in Bangkok and now I'm already using my third tub which I bought locally at Sephora for RM39. You won't believe when I say I have very dry skin on my calves, but yes I have and they are dry to the point where it flakes off. Thus the tagline on the packaging really caught my eye but of course, the pink and vintage packaging caught my eye first, haha! It's a combination of shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar and it smells so so great.

It scrubs really well, not too harsh or too gentle in my opinion and I thought it resembles spa scrubs texture. Oh yay, now you can have a mini spa session at home! What I really love aside from scrubbing is that it contains shea butter and almond oil, which are known for moisturizing your skin. So if you have slightly dry skin, I think it's enough to lock in the moisture after scrubbing. It has a really smooth finish, almost like a film to your skin after you wash it off but once you dry your skin it feels just right. :) Comes in 300ml and it lasts me a over a month on alternative days of scrubbing.


Aside from flaking skin on my calves, I have flaking lips too. Maybe I'm just dehydrated, let me get a cup of water..... I'm back! Flaking lips are of course a big no no, not only your lipstick doesn't look great, it's really unglam to be peeling the skin on your lips when you're out (I'm guilty of that too). I got a lip scrub from Innisfree when I went Singapore in March. It's $7 for 9g which might sound a little pricey but you only use a small amount to scrub your lips so it'll actually last quite long. It has a gentle fragrance and the texture is creamy. The granules are very fine but it does the job just fine. I love how it leaves my lips feeling so plump and soft after scrubbing! I like to use it then apply a layer of lip balm before I apply any lipstick or lip tint so that it keeps it even more moisturized. (^^)


For facial scrub, I've been using Etude House's Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub. I got mine quite long ago so I can't recall the price. It comes in a triangular packaging and has individual mini packaging, suitable for travel use! I love it because it's really small and I can bring it along with my when I'm travelling. (^^) I have combination skin and I have blackhead, whiteheads and dull skin troubles. It scrubs gently with baking soda and removes some blackheads and dead skin cells. I use it 2 to 3 times a week and each time my skin feels much cleaner and smoother. Although it doesn't remove stubborn blackheads, which a lot of products I've used can't do that too, it removes most of the tiny ones which is good enough for me.

Oh, and like I've mentioned how skin care absorbs better after scrubbing, I like to use facial mask or clay mask after this and it makes my skin feels even better! I'd recommend you to give that a try :D

Have a good weekend ahead and reward yourself for your hard work over the days with some self-pampering time!


  1. I love pampering up my skin during the weekend too after a long week of school^^
    My lips are always extremely dry but I've never actually tried exfoliating them!! I think it's really time I buy myself a lip scrub hehe, the Innisfree one sounds really great :)
    Thanks for sharing this Hanie!


    1. You're welcome, Fifi! :D
      I think we're all guilty of being lazy and although it might seem as though we are giving ourselves some time to relax, me might actually be more hardworking in terms of taking care of our beauty haha XD

  2. I use the Soap & Glory Flake away - I seriously love that stuff - it's amazing!! I love the lotion feeling it gives you after you use it and it smells nice too!
    I've never tried the Etude House items but I might look into it in future - small packaging is great IMO for many reasons!

    1. Exactly! I love how good it is and it's affordable too! :D
      The scrub works well, but after sticking to it for so long, I'm trying to look for something else which is good too. Any recommendations?

  3. I never used a lip scrub before, I have the feeling that my lips are very sensitive, so it would damage my lips even more D: And I heard that if you have oily skin it is not good to scrub it, but I guess it depends on the product you use, hmm. Very nice review, I want to try them all!

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. A mild scrub would do fine of you'reafraid of scrubs being too harsh. Maybe you can try some DIY lip scrubs before purchasing any, or if you like, you can srick to the DIY ones :)
      Oil formation is to protect our skin from excessive dryness. If you said it promotes oil formation, I'm thinking it might be due to over harsh scrubs which damaged the protective layer of skin thus oil formation is generated to protect your skin.