April 3, 2014

Singapore March 2014 - Solo Travel

Supposedly I was going to just go down to Singapore for my interview at Lasalle College of the Arts but since I'm going there, I thought I might as well stay a few more days and explore the place. Not that I haven't done much exploration around Singapore, in fact I've been there thrice before this trip, except this time it's a little different as I'm going there all by myself. My first time travelling alone in 19 years! I think it's a huge achievement haha!

No doubt that the whole trip was filled with thrills, nervousness and new experiences. The bus ride itself had got me so anxious. Travelling along you face new challenges and with me thinking too much on the possibilities like bus accident or hijack (think of MH370) I made myself worry like a fool. I was there for 4 days 3 night, technically it's 3 days 3 nights as I arrived there around 8pm and I was really grateful that my aunt hosted me for that few days in Singapore. Along with my cousins, they helped me out so much to go around Singapore.

My interview was scheduled the third day in Singapore so having a day before that for myself, of course I went shopping lol! Got a bus to Orchard Road and I must say that bus rides still feel new to me despite riding it back and forth that few days.

Visited Innisfree at Takashimaya, no not for Lee Min Ho. :P I've always heard of Innisfree and how good some of their products are but since we don't have it here in Malaysia, I never knew how good they really are. The shop looks really nice and there are lots of products to look at and I got myself a lip scrub, face mask and Jeju Volacnic Steam Towel. :)

Look at how cute the packaging of their hand creams are! I didn't get them when I first visited but I went back the next day to get them because they were so cute! And my favourite was the peach one.

They have a huge selection of nail polishes as well!

Went into Wisma Atria next to check out their Isetan for Dip drops, Rosebullet and Collect Point. Photos weren't allowed in there so these were the only ones I managed to take before I was told not to. Items were priced beyond my budget thus I just went for window shopping only.

Took MRT to Dhoby Gauht to Plaza Singapura next. I made a list of places to visit before I went Singapore so I came here for JRunway and Etude House. That morning I posted a selca on Instagram and was responded by Vernice saying that she wanted to meet me. I was really happy but then she said she's got to work so I thought we might not be able to meet up. :( However, sometimes unexpected things happen as I went to Plaza Singapura where she was coincidentally waiting for her friend for lunch! Things were awkward between us but I'm happy to have met a reader all the way in Singapore! :D

Lunch at MOS Burger! This was another unplanned itinerary as I happened to pass by MOS Burger's outlet at Plaza Singapura and with so many people talking about how good they are, I decided to have lunch there. The buns were fluffy and the teriyaki chicken meat was just nice. Though I find that the fries could've been much better :/

The rest of the day I met up with Kelly where she brought me to Haji Lane and Bugis street. Haji Lane first, I've gotten to know this place from Kelly when she mentioned it in a video on how it looks like a Singapore version of Harajuku. Being a Harajuku fan myself, naturally I was attracted to the existence of this place and has always wanted to visit it.

There are a lot of quaint little shops there selling unique items. However the lane isn't that long so you probably can finish looking around pretty soon. Towards the end of the lane was shisha and drinking places but we weren't fond of that so we skipped it.

This was also where I got some of the socks in my previous post! :D

A really cute cafe! I love the gold chairs, they look so great! :D

There wasn't a nice background nearby except for that tiny wall space under the window of a shop so we squatted down for this picture. Oh the things girls do... Kelly was so cute by the way! Although our fashion styles are different we were able to click well with each other, hehe.

TaiMei at Bugis Street. Kelly brought me here as she said it was good. The portions look little but we were so full after that. We just sat down and chat about so much things and it was really fun to talk about stuffs behind blogging and sharing some Instagram accounts which had really cute pictures, hehe~ Congratulations to Kelly on the engagement too! :D

The next day was my interview so I didn't take much pictures except for my mini celebration dinner with my cousin sister. I was dressed a little differently than usual since it's some sort of formal thing so I didn't take much pictures of myself that day. I just didn't have the mood to since I was thinking about the interview more than pictures lol.

Glad the interview went well though. Before I went Singapore I got advice from my relatives and some friends and I was pretty confident that I can pull it through. But once sat down, the interview was rather different from what I expected as they shot us questions which needs lots of thinking. They had a group discussion on 'What Does Creativity Mean to You?' and instead of the general answers of being creative, they wanted something different, like a creative answer. Besides they also asked questions like 'What would you do if you face an art block/you can't get any inspirations?' and instead of what we normally answer like going somewhere different or doing something new, they want a creative answer, one which is different from the general ones. As it's a huge decision to study in an art school and be committed to art 24/7, they'd also ask you on whether you are ready for this or not.

It was pretty challenging and there were many times where my mind just went blank and I just kept praying to God on how to respond. Gladly, He's always there with me and I was able to contribute some discussion points. To be honest, I really wanted it so much I actually talked about how I wasted a year to find out what I really want to do to the point where I was at the verge of tears. (I don't mean you should cry to pass the interview lol)

So being a happy day my cousin sister brought me to Marche at Somerset 313. She said it was really good and I was ready to splurge a little to celebrate but instead she cleared the bill herself. Thank you so much! I feel so blessed to have a nice cousin sister like her hehe (^^)

Dressed up a little more girly the next morning for my younger cousin sister suggested that we should visit Gardens by the Bay. She's a plant lover so I guess it might've been an excuse for her to go there lol but I was happy to be there too for the first time.

We went to Flower Dome only due to time constraint as my bus departs at 3pm but it was really worth it. I got so many pictures there which I really love! Instead of paying attention on the flower knowledge I went crazy for photos instead. The flowers are so pretty and the place was very well maintained too.

This is my current phone wallpaper.

My first attempt on sneaky shots of people hehe...

Finally, my outfit of the day! :D I went for something more girly as we were visiting the flowers but instead of something floral I picked a polka dot top with sheer lace behind and a red skirt to match it with. Of course I was wearing my new socks too, haha! Please excuse the messy folds on my skirt too as I got it at Bugis Street and I wore it before I got to iron it.

Headband - Vintage item// Top - Forever 21// Necklace - Self item// Watch - Bangkok// Skirt - Bugis Street// Socks - JRunway// Shoes - Bangkok

Going home was much of a torture than going there. It took only 5 hours bus ride to get there but it took 7 hours to get home. The customs were filled with so many people that day and the highway was congested, for which reasons I will never know why. Can't get a proper meal in the bus but only biscuits and nuts. And my stomach was going nuts with the hunger and not to mention how much my butt hurts for sitting down long hours. What a way to end a trip.

That aside, I had a great time in Singapore. Travelling alone is not easy but I'm glad I had my relatives there and some connections I've made before I go there so I didn't feel as lonely as I thought I'd be. Everyday was something new to me and I felt much independent after the trip. I think I'm ready to embark for more adventures. :)


  1. Lovely pictures, looks like you really enjoyed your trip o/. Your photos are so cute, may I ask which camera you use? Sorry if you already answered it before D:

    1. I used Sony NEX-5r with SEL1650 kit lens. Photos were edited with Lightroom and Photoshop (^^)

    2. Ah, never mind, if it is the Sony NEX-5R, I found out already >__<

      Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  2. I loved Gardens by the Bay when I went last year - if you get the chance to go around Easter you should check it out (Decorated with cute pastel eggs and rabbits and chickens! So cute!) So lucky you got to meet and hang out with Kelly! She's a cool blogger!

    1. I don't think I'll be going around easter :( But I think pastel garden would look so cute!
      I've known Kelly since we both started blogging, hehe (^^)

  3. ohmegeeed (;w;) such lovely photos <3 makes me want go to Singapore (QAQ) I hope someday to meet you (>//w//<) I super love your outfit <3

    1. Thanks sweetie! <3 Would love to meet my readers more often too, hehe~

  4. Beautiful photos of your trip to Singapore :) Independent travel is so fun and exciting!
    Well done at your interview and I hope you get the offer :)


    1. I've passed the interview and got the offer letter (^^) Processing the documents now and if everything go smoothly I'll be heading to Singapore late July :)

  5. Did you edit the colour of the flower? It captures the purple colour so well!

    1. I only did minor editing on the purple flower one because I shoot in RAW. The original is already beautiful so I didn't do much on it. :)

  6. omg you make me miss Singapore so much!!~~
    I'm going back to singapore in the July holidays XD
    are your korean/chinese? you look really pretty!
    I love your photography~
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn [Click!~] || Latest Review [Click!]

    1. Really? I'll be going to Singapore end of July :D
      I'm chinese from Malaysia :)
      I'm happy you like my photos, it gives me more motivation to do even better, hehe~