April 28, 2014

Lounging at home with my cats

Lately I've been cooped up at home which explains why the lack of updates because I haven't had any happenings worthy to mention. My daily routine consist of waking up, wash up, dramas, cats and occasionally drawing. It's pretty bland and I can't believe the contrast of just last month and this month having such a huge gap. Hopefully I'll have more stuff to do next month, I can't waste my time simply spending it at home watching countless dramas and anime.

That said, I felt pretty bad leaving my blog without any updates lately so here's a compilation of photographs I've taken recently of my cats lounging at home like me as always...


I couldn't resist the cuteness when he looked down like that!




Don't tell me you don't have a thing for paws. :3



This is Anko's new hideout spot. She's been sleeping here every afternoon since my granny came back from Canada in January. I guess she loves the quietness when my granny isn't in the room.

You know what cheers me up each morning. CAT PICTURES. I follow a few account on Instagram mainly for their cat pictures and the cats are just too cute! Moreover, they update so frequently it never fails me bring a smile on my face whenever I check out my Instagram updates!

Here are my daily cat vitamin:

I love how his photos are not about domestic cats, but cats doing their thing and having fun outside. It looks really natural and I love the ambiance in the photos. It's my favourite account. :)

Interesting photos of little things that the cats do which makes them so adorable! The owner has a dog too, even though I'm not a dog person, it's fun to see how the cats interact with the dog :D The cats are so beautiful too!

The owner has 4 cats and I love getting inspiration on how they photographed the cats' daily life. It's fun to see the cats mingle together too :D

If you like cats and plain white background photos, you'll enjoy these pictures. Those round eyes will capture your heart!

Maru & Hana
This last one is not an Instagram account, rather it's a blog of the cats Maru and Hana. They are pretty famous and has their photobooks released :D I first knew about them when I saw their photobooks at Kinokuniya. (^^)


  1. Cute! Look at the little paws!! :) <3

    1. Paws are just too cute to resist! I love playing with their paws but my cats don't like that sometimes (^^;)

  2. such a cute cat.


  3. Awn, he is so cute, specially the blue eyes <3. I also love seeing cat pictures and I am already following the ones you showed! There is one that I like cats_of_instagram, only pictures of cute cats *--*

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. cats_of_instagram has a huge collection! XD

  4. I'm not much of a cat person, but the first picture is so cute!!


    1. It's the cutest picture of him by far too, haha! XD

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting my blog! (*o*) I've just got a new kitten few days ago, I'll post some photos of him soon :D

  6. So adorable! Wow they look so young and innocent, what a bundle of joy hehe


    Miss Eliza WonDerland