March 27, 2014

Blog Giveaway: Snow White skin with KOSÉ SEKKISEI lotion mask

A while back I was given some samples of KOSÉ SEKKISEI lotion mask to try them out. KOSÉ is a Japanese brand established since 1946 by Mr. Kozaburo Kobayashi. Since then they have always been producing quality products catering to majority skin care needs. As I know, the brand is easily available in most Asian countries as we're keener on skin care products with Whitening effects which focuses more on eliminating dullness, redness, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Oh how we love fair skin!

Since the best way to test out any skin care products is to try it yourself, I tried it out and you can see how my skin appears after a week. Usually in a week's span, you can only see minor difference but KOSÉ claims that this product gives you an instant whitening effect along with moisturization, pimple prevention and smooth skin. With the recent short of water supply lately, I had to wash my face with stagnant water on some days so I had breakouts all over my face. Remember, hygiene is really important for proper skin care!

Stop motion video created with 216 shots over the span of 7 days. Each picture was individually edited to match the brightness and tone as closely as possible. Although I'm pretty satisfied with my first attempt on stop motion video, I admit that at some point I really felt like giving up because getting this whole video done took me more than 10 hours and I needed to finish editing it in a day as I haven't got any other vacant days on my schedule. I'm a pretty patient person when it comes to things I enjoy (that includes editing photos) but this was more of a perseverance test for myself. I hope you watched it well and sorry for the rant lol :P

Anyways, each application takes about 5-10 minutes but I always choose to leave it as long as it should, which is 10 minutes in this case. When removed from the packaging, you can tell that there's so much solution packed in it as it was dripping onto my hands as I applied it onto my face. Surprisingly, the solution is absorbed so quickly into my skin and by the time when the 10 minutes is up the mask has nearly dried up. One thing though, the scent is rather strong upon application but after trying it out for a week, I pretty much got used to it already.

From the first day, some of my breakouts have healed up quite a lot already. And after each application, I did notice that the previous scars were getting lighter but what actually amazed me the most is how my skin looks like it's glowing! I mean, I took all these photos in my room with the same lightning with just a little difference in where the background was but I could tell that my skin looks healthier and glowy and I REALLY love that.

The lotion uses oriental plant extracts and the three main ingredients are Coix Seed extract, Angelica extract and Melothria (White Lotus) extracts. Coix Seed is used for increasing metabolism, whitening, moisturization and prevention of skin roughness. Whereas Angelica functions as an disinfectant along with whitening and moisturizing effects. Lastly, Melothria helps to control melanin production and has whitening effects on the skin.

As I couldn't show you the actual size of the product since I was given only samples, I can only tell you that they're sold at RM170 for 200ml and RM260 for 360ml. It might sound a little pricey but fret not, because I'm giving away these pocket masks to 24 of you! So if you want to try it out before you make up your mind to purchase one, just leave me your name, email and answer to the two simple questions below in the comment section:

1. What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
2. Name one of the benefits of the KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask. (Any 1 out of the 9 benefits)

*Note that this giveaway is only open for Malaysian readers. Winners will be contacted and they will have to collect their prize from Nuffnang's office

I'd love to know your feedback so I really hope you'd participate and try these masks out. (Hint, hint: I've even marked out where the answers are) It's been like forever since I've had a giveaway so I'm really curious of the response too, hehe~

After submitting your answers and while waiting for the results, you can check out KOSÉ's Facebook Page and their SEKKISEI lotion's page for more info on their products. Also, they’re searching for Ms. Cinderella and if you think you’ve got what it takes to be Cinderella, be sure to check out the contest as you’ll get a beauty transformation! :D

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  1. Q1 : Coix seed extract, Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    Q2 : Translucency

    Name : Mieza Everdeen
    email :

  2. Sounds really great! Might try it ^^

    When my mom started using Kose, I start loving it.. the smell and everything and I think it's more affordable than most counter brands..

    1. You should give it a try then :D Personally I've used their Sekisho's cleansing oil and it's good too :D

  3. The stop-motion video looks very good! Good you got to finish it, I give up on many things because I think it needs too much effort e_e, too bad I cant participate the giveaway, but its okay, it was still great to learn about this product!

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. Thanks dear :D Glad you liked it cause I put so much effort into it! XD
      Many times I want to give up on things that I want to do, but I tell myself, since I've started it, I must finish it. And believe me, the feeling of accomplishment at the end feels really good! :D Give it a try, complete something you haven't been able to finish (^^)

      I'm sorry you can't enter :( I wish I can open it internationally too but I can't, but I hope it helped you to get more insight into this product :)

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  5. I love the video u make ! Tooks a great effort ! I enjoy reading this :)

    1. Thank you sweetie~! <3 Glad you liked it so my effort has not gone to waste, hehe XD

  6. Name: Lenna Yeen
    Email address:
    Answers :
    Q1: The three main ingredients are Coix Seed Extract, Angelica Extract, Melothria( White Lotus) Extract.
    Q2: One of the benefits is whitening.

    Thank you :D