March 19, 2014

A Date With Yu Heng X Freshel

‘I want nice clear skin but I’m too lazy to care for it.’ Does this sound familiar to you? Fret not, because Freshel is here for you!

Two weeks ago I was invited to Freshel’s ‘A Date With Yu Heng & Freshel’ event. Being my first time attending such blogger event, I had absolutely no idea of what to expect, and it didn’t help at all that I didn’t even know about the product line. Yet through this event I learned a little more about their products so I’ll be sharing them with you. A little on the background, Freshel launch only a few years back under Kanebo. It’s a Japanese brand which caters more to Asian skin and what’s so special about Freshel is it’s time-saving concept.


The event took place at Royale Chulan, Damansara. The place was so elegant and the natural lightning illuminated the space so wonderfully!

We were lucky to have met Freshel’s ambassador, Yu Heng, who’s a local singer and composer currently based in Taiwan. Yu Heng shares her beauty secret on how she balances her busy work life with self-pampering time using Freshel’s products. With their time-saving concept, even a busy person like her can achieve bright and moisturized skin! Trust me, she was wearing light makeup and her skin looked so beautiful!

For a period of 3 months, she has been applying paper masks soaked with Freshel’s Whitening Lotion onto her skin for 5-10 minutes, day and night. She told us she had breakout issues due to weather and stress some while ago but this product saved her skin just before a big day. Although how she uses it does finish up 2 bottles of the lotion in a month, since her skin looks so radiant and beautiful; I trust we all acknowledge that it was worth every penny spent. :D

Freshel’s Whitening range seeks to help out pigmentation, freckles or uneven skin tone. The range consists of Whitening Lotion Light/Moist (RM52 for 200ml), Whitening Emulsion (RM52 for 130ml), Whitening Gel (RM67 for 80g) and Whitening UV Gel (RM67 for 80g).

For normal skin types, they have the Moisturise range which moisturizes without leaving your skin feeling sticky. Product line up are Moisturise Lotion, Moisturise Emulsion (RM52 for 130ml) and Moisture Gel (RM67 for 80g).

The last range from Freshel caters for aging skin or very dry skin. It’s the EX Moisture range which carries the EX Moisture Lotion, EX Moisture Emulsion (RM59 for 130ml) and EX Moisture Gel (RM82 for 80g). Also, as a top up for aging skin, they have also the Lift Moisture Cream (RM67 for 35g) and the Lift Moisture Eye Essence (RM56 for 35) which are the one in red packaging.

As of now, Freshel has only released 3 ranges of products, whitening, moisturizing and extra moisturizing. While some of us need that, some of us might be looking for something else. If you’re constantly worried about acne or breakouts, there’s news that they’ll be releasing a range cater for those skin problems soon! :D

Freshel also introduced us to their cleansing products which consist of Cleansing Lotion (RM44 for 200ml), Clear Soap (RM30 for 130g), Cleansing Oil, Pack & Massage foam (RM48 for 150g) and Cleansing Cream (RM44 for 250g).

Notice that they have 5 products solely for cleansing purposes? I love using cleansing oil to remove my makeup, but some of you might prefer cleansing lotion because you don’t like it to be oily. We all have different preferences when it comes to removing makeup and skin cleansing. Thus, Freshel aims to cater for these preferences with these products.

Freshel keeps making a point on time-saving but exactly how time saving can their products be? Each range features their All In One Gel which serves as a lotion, essence, emulsion, cream and moisturizing makeup base. That means once you’ve applied your skin care, your skin is ready for base makeup and you can skip your makeup base. :D

Moreover, they have recently released a new product which is the Whitening UV Gel which contains SPF26 PA++ for mild sun protection. Using it with the Whitening Gel, this serves as a day cream and the latter as a night cream.

Another feature which was really good about this product is that it is refillable!!! As a student myself, every penny saved is a huge thing for me. The refill for Whitening Gel and Moisture Gel is RM59 for 80g and EX Moisture Gel is RM74 for 80g. That’s about 7 or 8 ringgit saved which I can buy myself a meal XD

With BB cream widespread in the market these days, Freshel has also released their own BB cream products for different skin types. Here they have the Mineral BB cream EX (RM67 for 50g), Mineral BB cream Pore Cover (RM59 for 50g), Mineral BB cream UV (RM59 for 50g) and Mineral BB cream Moist (RM59 for 50g). The EX is for dry skin with SPF32 PA++, UV is for whitening and sun protection with SPF41 PA++ and Moist is for normal skin types with SPF28 PA++ as above. Whereas the Pore Cover with SPF30 PA++ is for users who wants to reduce the appearance of large pores.

Again with the time-saving concept their BB cream serves as an essence, emulsion, cream, sunscreen and tinted makeup base which can be use right after you apply their lotion.

Freshel is not losing out on CC cream as well! CC cream, known as Colour Control cream or Colour Correction cream serves to brighten up your skin tone with a natural finish. Like the BB cream, you can apply this right after you apply the lotion. What’s more, it removes with a regular face wash meaning more time saved on your night time routine. This product has a SPF20 PA++ sun protection which is pretty mild. The product is not out in the market yet tho, it’s set to be out in May so do look out for it! :D

With all the products introduced, how can I miss out on a picture with Freshel’s ambassador? I love how we’re both wearing white, with a white background behind, haha!

Lastly, a group picture with the other bloggers who attended the event as well. I had fun meeting fresh faces and knowing more about these bloggers. Also, a very big thank you to Nuffnang for inviting me to join this event! :D

For more info and updates on Freshel's products, visit their Facebook page and their Website.

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  1. YU heng is so pretty.nd so are you.your skin looks fabulous ^_^ Lovely blog.Following you.

    1. Hi Shehrzad! Proper care and hygiene is important to achieve beautiful skin (^^)