February 1, 2014

{Review} Palty Hard Bleach

Happy Chinese New Year! It's already the second day of CNY and I haven't blog about my hair yet, haha! Many of my relatives who reads my blog thought that I got it done like how I had it in the previous blog post. So I'm here to tell you that I actually got my hair bleached the day before CNY, lol!

I bought this box of Palty Hard Bleach long ago when I visited Singapore at their Takashimaya's Watsons store thus I don't remember the price anymore, but it's affordable, don't worry! Update: I've just found out recently that they're selling them at Watsons Malaysia too for only RM29.90. Without much knowledge on hair dying or bleaching, I only got one box back then. WHICH TURNS OUT TO BE THE WORST MISTAKE! My hair length is currently medium long, just around my collarbone and it's thin but a lot. I could only cover half of my hair thus I'm having an impromptu two toned hair now. Fotunately, my previous hair colour was light enough so it blends it pretty well, hehe

As you can see, they've printed out a simple guideline on how your hair colour will turn out to be depending on the time you leave the bleach in. I left mine for half an hour, minus the time taken for applying and mine turned out to be very similar to the model's hair. It's very yellow and sometimes there's a hint or orangeness to it. It's normal for bleached hair to look like this without any toning. :)

Prior to bleaching, I have actually done a lot of research online and most people will recommend you to tone your hair to get rid of that yellow brassiness. It's common in western country, it seems as there's a lot of blonde heads there and you can easily get purple shampoo, toner etc. Here in Malaysia, if you ask most saloon or suppliers, 8/10 that they wouldn't know anything about toning the yellowness down. They'll simply bleach it to the lightest shade possible.

Also, just a note if you plan to bleach your hair like me, try not to wash your hair before you bleach because it'll strip off your natural oils which protects your scalp. Bleaching is a strong chemical process to take out the color in your hair so it'll hurt your scalp if there isn't any natural oil to protect it.

The box came inclusive of an instruction booklet with gloves, bleach powder, Tsubaki conditioner and another bleaching agent.

The instructions are printed pretty clearly and it's in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean so there shouldn't be any problem understanding it. The Tsubaki conditioner works well and kept my hair really smooth after bleaching! I have slightly dry hair to begin with but after bleaching it didn't turn out so badly like straws and I can still brush my fingers through. Japanese bleach are usually good, so you shouldn't worry too much about it. It's just that the next day my hair felt a little like wig hair, but after I washed it again and conditioned it with regular conditioner it's smooth again. :)

Here's the oxide water bottle where you pour in the bleach powder and the bleaching agent and shake them. The nozzle which it came with (not sure if you can see it well), is like a brush. Application using that is a little hard to do actually but that's what you have to deal with.

During bleaching my scalp stung a little where there's less hair, but overall it's still bearable. On thing though, the smell of the bleach is so strong I had to cover my nose as my dad helped me apply the bleach all over. Sometimes it's so strong that I had to close my eyes to prevent them from tearing. :( It's chemical after all and I haven't tried other bleaches so I can't be sure if this smells or hair bleach generally smells like that.

What we did to let the bleach work better and get my hair lighter was to bundle up my hair and wear a disposable shower cap over it. That kept the heat inside and the bleach will work better. Don't use hairdryer to heat it up as too much heat might result in your hair breaking!

The final outcome!

It's really yellow now, like seriously yellow but I'll just try and work it throughout this CNY period. After I got some angpaus and when CNY is over, I'm definitely heading to 76style to get my hair fixed lol. It's not that I don't like the bleaching outcome, it's just that it isn't what I actually want. And I need to fix that part of my hair which I didn't bleached :P

Styling bleached hair is so much fun though, since it's a little dry my curls stay throughout the whole night perfectly and my hair doesn't go out of style easily, haha!

First day of CNY wearing my Qi Pao. The orangeness shows under sunlight. I rushed out of home that morning so I didn't style my hair a lot, just a simple ponytail. My niece said I have Barbie doll hair now and she played with it lol.

On a side note, bright hair is great during CNY because you don't need to worry too much about wearing dull colors because your bright hair instantly brightens up your whole outfit, haha!

Wishing you a great and prosperous new year! Off to dinner now~! (^^)


  1. So cute, your new hair colour suits you >_<


  2. ファンめぐ- Thank you for your comment! (^^) I didn't think it'll look good on me but having you said so, I feel a little better. :) Your blog is coming along pretty well! :D

  3. Wow you can actually dye your hair in one go? I should have a look at those products in some asian stores. If I use normal ones they dont look anything like the package with my black chinese hair!


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

  4. I had dyed several times until I got light brown hair previously and my hair reacts to colour or bleach pretty fast so I guess that helps? Good luck with your hair dye! :D