February 18, 2014

Realistic portrait of my cats

I feel like I'm on a roll lately, churning out artworks one after another (It's still the second one so far, what are you talking about?!). Yesterday I decided to do one in Black and White of my beloved cats. There's no better happiness than drawing someone you love, I kept stopping halfway and squeal at their cuteness lol. My family loved it so much and I hope you'll love it as much as we do too! Mom even suggested that if I get to have to drawing back, she'll frame it up and put it on display! XD

Both my cats, Anko (left) and Dolly (right) just took their bath that morning and their fur coat was in their best condition. I took these photos around noon, just when they were going to have their nap (I'm sorry for waking you up!) and as usual they're not that camera friendly and walks away when I try to take pictures of them. I had an idea of how I wanted the drawing to turn out already but I needed to get them pose for me how I wanted it to be and after many shots I finally got these two pictures.

If you didn't know about the story of my cats, Anko is actually Dolly's aunt and Dolly's a boy but we named him before we could identify his gender when he was born. Since Anko was more 'superior' than him, I drew Anko's portrait above Dolly's haha~

Like my previous artwork, I have this thing to record down my process and I draw. Because once I've put another stroke into it, it's different from the previous one already and I just wanted to stop and look back on my progress sometimes. Do anyone of you do that as well?

I didn't mention this previously, but having no official lessons in art means I can't draw with guidelines. None of those circles, cross and markings I have ever used in my artworks. I simply draw what I see and that's how I interpreted my artworks. I know they are not 100% perfect in terms of proportions, but this is as far as I can do and as long as they still look good, that's fine to me. If you want 100% perfect, you might as well take a photograph of it then...

The final outcome.

Mom's question was, "Are they angry at each other?' No, I just wanted them to gaze far away confidently. :) Like how I live each day to its fullest and count my blessings each day to be sure that God is always with me and he will hold my hand as I walk, thus I am assured that the next day will be good as well so I live my life confidently in the presence of God. And that's how you should live life too, don't worry about the problems ahead, just do your best today and have confidence in tomorrow.

Moving on to my next artwork soon, I hope you enjoyed viewing this one! (^^) I'd love to hear your feedbacks and comments~! :D


  1. The proportion doesn't look bad! It's almost unnoticeable in the eyes of a normal person :D

    Circles, cross and markings don't help if one is used with free hand, but it could make the art be better :3 take that from a lazy bum like me haha~ I don't use circles either!

    Good luck with your future art! Looking forward to see more :D


  2. Wow that is so awesome you are so talented ! :3

  3. Syaza Suhana - They aren't out of proportions that much, but if you put them side by side to compare then you'll see the difference, hehe... I know some people who are just like me too, but most tutorials would teach you the 'basics'. It's up to each individual what works best for them (^^)

    Veera - Thanks dear! Glad you love it :D

  4. Aww your cats are so cute! And you are so talented in drawing!

  5. Kimberly - I think they look better in real, haha! They just don't pose for my camera well sometimes :/ I still have a long way to go to improve my art, hehe~ Thank you (^^)

  6. Oh very beautiful, I love it the cats this is very cute!
    Now I´m following you in GFC(#514) and Bloglovin (#12)
    I hope your follow me back in both!


  7. Sakuranko - Thank you, I'm really happy to get a good feedback :)