February 14, 2014

Love Yourself Today.

The perfect beauty is not being perfect, but accepting your imperfections. Often in this modern society, we strive to conform to the standards of beauty unknowingly set by ourselves. A slim figure, a V-shaped face, tall nose bridge, large eyes etc. Cosmetic surgery are becoming more and more common where you can go and 'fix yourself up' with just a swipe of card. I can't say that I'm not fascinated by cosmetic surgery itself, in fact it's really tempting and growing up, I'm sure you too had at least had a split second of thought on getting cosmetic surgery someday but perhaps it's out of your wishlist because you either can't afford it or you're too scared to go under the knife. The Korean program on cosmetic surgery, Let Me In, is in fact one of my favourite programs which I never missed an episode when it's airing on Channel M. It's really shocking to see how they 'transform' themselves from ugly ducklings into swans and I don't blame some of them as they had some disorder with their jaws or hormones or stuff like that. But what ticked me off to write this post was when I saw one of the girls who wanted surgery because she was told she looked like her mom and that she had a square face. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE A SQUARE FACE AS WELL.

I'm not jealous of her getting her face done, rather I was quite pissed to see how she despise her natural born face shape. You're lucky if you have oval, round, triangular or heart shape faces because generally they still look slimmer than square face. Truth be told, I was once very shy of my square face as well and had constantly wondered why I have such a face shape. I like my eyes, my nose and my mouth but why does my face shape looks so out of place? You don't see it in my older pictures on my blog though because I know how to conceal it with my hair and of course I used to photoshop a lot on my face to make it look sharper in them. However when it comes to photos taken by others, I hated it so much because they upload it without any digital retouch. Still, it's something I was born with and who was I to blame? My parents, because they birthed a daughter with such a face shape? God, because he decided to give me such a face shape? NO!

As I grew up, I became more understanding of my own self. In fact, it is no one's fault that I got such a face, neither it's actually that bad to have a square face. We tend to look on the negative perspective more often than the positive perspective when we're insecure and we feel lack of confidence towards ourselves. It gets even worse when someone else points it out too. Thing is, you've got to start loving your so-called imperfections if you want to love yourself and embrace it. Make it work, show others that you're able to make something which they deemed imperfect to be something that looks good. Like my face, I used to cover it up with my hair all the time but now I've learned to show it off and be proud of it. 'Werk it girl!' they said. So you've gotta work it with all you can, be confident of yourself and break the standards of beauty which people has set and shine in your own throne.

It brings me to this question, 'where has true beauty gone to?'. I believe that if a person is beautiful on the inside and knows how to love themselves, embrace their beauty and project those love towards other, they are beautiful. It's no use being a superficial Barbie or Ken if you're all about wealth, looks or material things. But sad to say, that's just how some people are.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like a single female ranting on Valentine's Day. Rather I just want to say that no matter if you're single or taken, try to just love yourself today. There is no need for fancy presents or food, just simply the thought of loving yourself a little bit more than usual and that you're special. Then show your love to people you love and make them feel special too. If you don't first start to love yourself, how are you to love others and show them your true love deep from your heart? And if you feel like you need someone to love you first before you can start to love yourself, remember that there's always God who loves you. Even if you don't believe in Him yet, at least believe that you're loved by Him.

Finally, Happy Valentine's Day to YOU! I want you to know that I love you! :D

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