February 21, 2014

Let go of your past and embrace the future.

I'm back with my third artwork! One mistake I made here was not using the right paper for this piece. I wanted a blurred background so I tried diluting acrylic and apply a light wash of colour, I know I was risking it but I didn't thought it'll turn out so bad, in the end the paper crumpled and I had to put a dictionary and my bible over it for 2 days to flatten it out a bit. I'm kinda grateful that the texture hadn't got destroy neither was there a hole in the paper, hehe~

The message I wanted to express for hope and growth. As you can see, I tried to portray the image of spring, a new beginning, a new hope, with snow melting away. Spring marks the new cycle of the year where things start afresh again. Don't worry if you made mistakes at some point in your life, you can always start again! :D And growth was to represent how I used to set boundaries on myself in art, telling myself I can only do this and that but through this portfolio preparation, I have explored so much more about art and have broke through my own boundaries. With this mindset, I believe I will learn more and more and improve myself further.

For this artwork, I took inspiration from a blooming rose. It hasn't been fully bloomed yet, meaning that the process of developing hope and growth are still ongoing.

For the colour palette of the rose, I took reference from this amazing artist I found, MALL, you should all check out her artworks! I love how colourful, bright and cheerful her artworks are, and they seem to be telling a story :D

Lately I've been working all day on these artworks and perhaps it's due to lack of sleep, I'm having minor nose bleeding every now and then. :( I hadn't got nose bleed for a few years already so I don't exactly know why they came back... I used to have frequent nose bleeds in my younger teenage years and that was really crazy, I could easily soak up more than 5 tissue papers at one go lol! Oh why am I talking about nose bleeding now... (^^;)


  1. Omg this is so pretty! I wish I have at least 10% of this kind of talent ^^


  2. anis_farhana - Thank you! :) I'm sure you can draw something like this with lots of practice! :D I practiced a lot too so I'm sure you can too (^^)