February 8, 2014

Hand-Me-Down #ootd

Beanie - Chatuchak Market, Bangkok
Top - Armani Exchange
Overalls - Vintage item

Basically, the main point of this outfit were the hand-me-down knitted top and the striped overalls. I always have a soft spot for vintage items or second hand items because they felt really exclusive and special to me. Fashion used to be following the trend and the current season colours however in recent years it has changed. People started to wear what they like to please themselves. And just like how fashion runways are always bringing back the older trends, we like to bring back the trend which we love by merging it into our own style. Matched with a beanie for a fun look, which also hides away a bad hair day, haha!

This was my outfit when I went out with my friends the other day. It was pretty comfortable except for the fact that the suspenders kept slipping so I had to readjust it every now and then.

Fun fact: Did you notice that my finger was put into the side of the overalls instead of the pockets? I didn't notice that until I edited the pictures lol! Throughout the whole day I kept doing that by accident and I had to keep in mind to not put my phone into that slit or else it might've dropped out!

Do you like this outfit? Leave me a comment below! (^^)


  1. LauraLeia - Thank you, and they cost me not a penny! ;D

  2. ファンめぐ - Thank you, awww you make me feel shy (///∇///)

  3. Great look!
    Love the striped overalls <3
    Your blog layout looks great! :)


  4. My Nguyen - Thanks dear! <3 Glad you love it! (^^) I opted for simplicity in my layout :)

  5. oh my god you are so beautiful ! and yay I have the same beanie ^^ your blogs is really nice! and if you want to, go chech out mine too :) http://veerazz.blogspot.fi/

  6. and ps. I joined your readerlist ^^

  7. Veera - Thank you sweetie, you're beautiful too! (^^) We have the same beanie? *high five!* I'm glad you like my blog, I visited yours too! :D

  8. I love this look on you my sweetie :)
    Kisses <3


    1. Hi Marion, thanks for your compliment! Glad you like it too (^^)