February 17, 2014

Feeling Arty Lately

Counting down to my interview at Lasalle on 28 March, I'm frantically preparing my portfolio for assessment at the same time. I was baffled when they told me I had to present a portfolio as I simply had no idea on how is it like at all. Here in Malaysia, we don't require such thing to enter an art college so I didn't bother to find out what it was and how it should be. Pencils, brushes and colours left my hands ever since I graduated high school so you probably can tell that my art skills have gone downwards all these while.

Picking up my art tools again, I started out with a colour pencil artwork as my first one to present in the portfolio. I never had any official art lessons, mainly just those where they give you a topic and ask you to draw as a kid. None of those classes where they teach you on how to draw, paint and techniques so all these while I've been drawing based on what I see and my vast imagination which works fully to its potential when I decide to head off to dreamland. (That explains why I've got these huge panda eyes recently)

Thank God that my mom was a fine art diploma student so she has a mini library of artbooks. It truly assisted me in gaining ideas and to spark off that inner creativity in me. For my first artwork, I went for a 1920s flapper girl style so I did some research on 1920's artists back then and incorporated some elements into mine as well! :D

The artist was Edward Burra, I was attracted to his artwork on the cover page itself of a copy of 'The Great Artists' dated back in 1986. This issue itself is older than me! I'm a colourful person and I'm always attracted to expressive expressions. They give off a cheerful vibe and there seems to be a story within the drawings where you can imagine the story behind them. Mom said that these artists who drew that way had weird, one of a kind thinking that's why their artworks stands out from the majority. She didn't like it that well but that's not the case for me.

That period, artists were rebelling the traditional art styles and cooperated their own styles into their drawings. One major difference is how they drew human in their own style and sometimes out of proportions. I felt that people were starting to enjoy drawing with their imagination and broke through the art boundaries. :)

Here's my artwork! As you can see, she isn't perfect but I drew her in how I imagined I wanted her to look. She has a popular flapper girl bob with dark black hair and strong eyes and lip makeup. To me, flapper girls dress up comfortably and has an effortless look so I drew a simple dress for her but matched with a fancy hat to spice up her look. Flapper girls had these beautiful headdress and simple hats back then so I tried to keep the hat simple but gave it a turban style twist for that extra pop. The salmon pink went well with the whole look and made her look feminine as well. (^^)

How do you like it? :D I know I haven't been blogging as often lately because of this but I hope you'll enjoy my art process just as well as I do. Actually, I have some review products on hand which I have yet to get them done because I simple have no time to take photographs of them and my face lol. All my time have been devoted into preparing my portfolio lately and I'm getting cooped up at home most of the time with my hair tied back and fringe settled with a velcro for utmost comfort as I'm working on these art pieces. But once the interview is over, I believe I'll have more time foe myself again and probably more products for review as I plan to shop a bit while I'm at Singapore hehe~


  1. Such a nice drawing!! You did a really good job!! The hair is really nicely done and the detail on the dress is lovely. shading is well done too ^.^ I can't wait too see other works from you ~

  2. Bunny.Berri - Aww thank you!!! <3 It took up a lot of my time and I'm glad you liked it, that really makes me smile hehe~ I will be posting them as I finish them! :D

  3. Wow I love this drawing! Especially how you did the lighting on her hair =D


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

    1. I'm happy to hear that :D Thank you <3