February 4, 2014

Chinese New Year reunion dinner

First of all, I'd like to apologized that I've accidentally deleted some comments on my previous blog post. In fact, it's not the first time I've done that and I find myself really stupid at times where my mind tells me to click 'publish' when I moderate comments but my hand clicks 'delete' instead. I genuinely sorry for my silly mistake and have repost the comment on behalf of my reader. I'm really sorry. m(_ _)m

Therefore, I've changed my blog commenting settings to non-moderation to avoid any further silly mistakes likewise which made me wanna slap myself for being so careless. There is no way to recover them but I only have a copy of the comment sent to my email and I thank God for that. This shows how much I appreciate each and every comment you left me and even if you're a silent reader, I'm happy that you're still reading my blog, thank you!

Back to the post, I've been real busy lately going out for visits every day thus my blog posts do seem to have shrunk in content. Though I felt that I need to update this space as often as I can, I live by quality over quantity as well so I'm trying my very best to bring out the best content I can even though I'm literally half-dozing off right now. I want to share my happy moments with you all too and make your day better so it's something I'm happy to do. (^^)

Here's my look for yesterday! A little casual cool, matching a white tee with leopard printed shorts and tying a blue checkered shirt around my waist. Accessories were a simple cross statement necklace and my one and only red leather strap watch. It's really comfortable and I always think that blue, brown and white looks good together, hehe~ Comfort is the key when you're visiting so many houses in a day!

My makeup was much lighter today, but I decided to add some fun by drawing just a triangular flick instead of a full width eyeliner. It gives off a subtle cat eye look. (^^)

How can you miss you Yee Sang in a CNY dinner? My knowledge about Yee Sang's ingredients are simply Salmon, Crackers, Pomelo and some other random colourful bits and sauces. I tend to grab the salmon and crackers as soon as I can, haha!

My parents always say that we need to drink chinese tea to wash away the oily after taste and unclog your blood capillaries lol. Not sure how well that works but I've been drinking tea ever since I was young and I love it! Glad that I have no problems sleeping after tea or coffee~

"Lou Ah! Huat Ah!"

As we Chinese mix the ingredients of the Yee Sang together, we'll say prosperous wishes for the year. It's a fun tradition and we still enjoy it till today, it's a must every CNY!

Nutritious soups are an important part of our diet. My mom loves and appreciates soups so much that she'd boil them every other day so we always have soup at home. I'm not so much of a soup fan because I'm simply too lazy to learn and boil various types of soup lol.

Cod fish which I super love but is super expensive here. I love it's soft texture and its milky taste! I only get to eat it maybe 2 to 3 times a year and each time I have it I'll savour it slowly. (^_^)

We actually had more courses but I didn't take picture of every one of them because... I don't like chicken, prawn or sea cucumber and I've totally forgotten to take pictures of the dessert because I was too absorb in our dinner game haha :P Because there was always leftover after each course, we played a game where everyone gives a random number and we add them all up then we counted the person who'd eat one of the leftover pieces. It was really fun and exciting and we all had a good laugh while dining XD

CNY dinners are always really exclusive and grand for me, we tend to splurge on food especially on special occasions like this. I hope it gave you an insight on our Chinese New Year traditions and till then, bye! :D


  1. Hai Hanie,
    Any kuih bakul for me?. hehe best time is to be with your family DURING FESTIVAL

    1. Hi, hmmm.... I don't, but I 've got lots of food treats at home~