January 20, 2014

Singapore January 2014 - Lasalle College of the Arts

Last weekend's visit to Singapore marks my third annual Singapore visit! I don't know what exactly happened, but ever since I stepped out of the borders of Malaysia two years ago in December, I've been going back to Singapore so frequently. This time round it was to visit Lasalle College of the Arts which I hopefully will be able to get in with a tuition grant later this year in August. I've registered at the open house last weekend and they've scheduled my interview and portfolio presentation session on 28 March! I'm starting to get anxious as I need to fork out at least 10 artwork pieces. Oh the stress!

Took a 5 hours bus ride to Singapore on Friday morning. We got our seats pretty last minute and we has to resort to the back seats. Man, they were so bumpy! We literally slept through most of the journey since it was so early in the morning!

After leaving our belongings at my relative's house, we took a bus down town. I hardly ever take buses so bus routes were so confusing yet thrilling at the same time, hehe :)

We hadn't had lunch yet when we were there so we stopped by some stalls to grab a quick bite and some soya milk to keep us going. It's a lot of walking in Singapore and my brother took every possible opportunity to rest lol~

Finally arrived at Lasalle! The architecture was so gorgeous!

I love the reflective glass panels and the unique shapes and lines of the building!

We visited the ongoing exhibition, ON:SHOW displaying works of students and alumni. This is the second college based exhibition I've been to and it's definitely much better in terms of display, space and standards compared to the previous one I went.

Met my bestie Sandra who was a big help to me that day! She brought me around, helped me to get assistance and introduced me to lots of things about the college and Singapore. I'm really grateful for her help! Thank you so much dear! :D

After the open house, we went and stroll around Bugis area before meeting up with my cousin sister. Back to the Bugis Street which I love however I didn't want to buy anything due to the increased conversion rate lol. I could've got those clothings in Bangkok for less than half the price in terms of Ringgit...

Passed by Shu Uemura before going for dinner. Don't you love those fluttery furry lashes on the bear? X3


It's a huge decision for me to make to study overseas and away from my family. But everything was going well that day and I felt like it was a really good place. Though I'm not too sure of my acceptance into Diploma in Fashion yet, I'll try my best in the upcoming interview to get a place in the college and hopefully, with prayers and God's blessings I'd be able to obtain a tuition grant which would relief so much of my parents' burden to pay for my tuition fees. Good thing about tuition grant is that there will be a bonding to work in Singapore for 3 years after graduation which means a sure employment plus you get to keep your salary!

Our first day in Singapore was rather short, with half the day spent on the bus journey. The next day we went to Universal Studios which I'll blog about soon. That's all for now, going out soon with a friend! (^^)


  1. Gud luck with your studied. It totally a great decision

  2. Hi Hanie, i'm also an overseas student who intend to apply to Lasalle animation program. I will probably apply by sending a CD since I can't go to an audition. If you don't mind could you tell me how did your audition went? Were they very strict on the requirements for the portfolio ? I'm kind of nervous since it's my first time applying for an art program. Thank you. :)

    1. Hello! :D I went there in person for the interview and from what I saw of the other student's work, the quality doesn't have to be tip-top for you to get in. It's more of understanding what you are doing and how well you can present your artwork. Talk about the inspiration, difficulties, meaning and things like that. You can also talk about any alternative medias you'd do the piece again in. eg. You've done a painting so you like to try digital media instead. And elaborate on that too :)

      Not sure how yours will go, but during the discussion on 'What is Creative to you' your answers are encouraged to be creative instead of general answers. It's not just how creative you can do your artworks, they want you to think creatively too. :)

      Hope that helps (^^) And good luck to you too! :D Let me know how it went hehe~