January 13, 2014

{Review} Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pink Transformer

'Bye bye dull skin, Hello pink baby skin instantly'

While I was shopping at the duty free zone last year at the Don Muang airport, I came across the Maybelline counter and stumbled upon this product, Baby Skin Instant Pink Transformer. Turning dull skin to pink baby skin sounded really appealing to me plus I've never seen this product before thus I decided to purchase it at 330 baht. Went home and did some research on this product, apparently there isn't much reviews on this one, but it seems to be rather popular in Korea. I can't read Korean but luckily the packaging was in English. Glad they have that! I'm not sure where exactly you can get this normally but according to a youtuber who did a review on this too she said it's probably available around the Asia region. Below's a video in Korean and here's the link to Maybelline Korea for this product.

The product itself has a watery texture and it's easy to blend. It's sheer pink in colour and has some fine shimmer to it for a glowy complexion. It felt really moisturising as well and the scent smells great to me!

At the side of the packaging though, it said 'Last step of daily skincare', 'Mistake proof: no mirror needed' and 'No need for makeup removal'. It seemed more like a makeup base to me though and I don't think I'll be using it as a skin care lol. You can see the comparison of the left and right side of my face. Not much photoshop here except for brightening and some blemishes removed (I just can't bear to post a photo of my face with scars, sorry!). It does brightens up your complexion and giving you a healthy glow, that I can say, but since it's a base there isn't any coverage at all. It moisturises pretty well and it doesn't feel greasy after a few hours.

With full makeup on.

Here I didn't apply a lot of base makeup, mainly a light coverage of BB cream, some concealer and translucent powder to set the base. I've worn the product out a few times and I did a comparison of with and without the product as a base with BB cream over. It does make a slight difference, giving you a more natural sort of glow. I guess that's why it's popular in Korea? Where girls gives a lot of attention to their base makeup, haha! :D

The packaging is so cute and easy to carry around. There's 30ml of the product in it and it has a twist cap and a nozzle where the products comes out from. Love it!

아기 피부주세요~


Some behind the scenes pictures! This is my first makeup/skincare review of the year, hope you like it! I put a lot of effort in the photos themselves this time. Mom has just recently found a LED table lamp from the storeroom which we have not used before and as I tested it out, it looked so perfect for photography! I used the direct light for products and swatches and diffuse it as I take my self portraits with my trusty NEX-5R camera! :D So far I'm loving how the pictures turned out, I hope you too! I felt really lucky to have a photography equipment without paying a cent lol! Right now I'm thinking of getting a tripod after Chinese New Year, hehe.


  1. :B yea, I admit, sometimes, table lamps are good lighting for photography~~
    btw u look gorgeous in the photos~

  2. ✿Jace✿- Thank you sweetie! When I turned on the lamp, it felt like a whole new realm of photography has opened up to me lol. I've been photographing with natural light since forever haha!