January 20, 2014

Ippudo @ Pavillion

Went out today with Hermes for lunch and some girl talks. I met her a few years back but never really talked to her till Comic Fiesta last year. I don't really have much blogger friends so it was nice having someone who understands what I had on my mind lol~ Sadly we both forgotten to take pictures together so we shall save that for next time ;)

We went Ippudo at Pavillion for lunch. It's my second time there and I finally got to try their ramen! First time having tonkotsu ramen and it's pretty good. I've always had miso or chicken based broth so pork bone broth was really special to me, haha!

Oooh, look at how yummy and thick the soup is! Mine was Shiomaru Motoaji.

We ordered a set so it came with green tea and dessert at RM29.90++. This was Yuzu Sorbet, a citrus sorbet with some nata de coco. It was a fine balance of sweet and sour. :)

Did some CNY shopping later after Hermes left at Avenue K's H&M. The lightning in the fitting room was really great, I just had to take a few selcas!

Outfit of the day!
I tried to wear something different from my usual black and white today so I matched a sheer white top with leopard printed shorts. Brown shoes to match the outfit and I wanted to match it with black socks at first but it was in the laundry so I tried matching it with purple navy socks and it looks pretty good too, hehe! And a simple gold spiked necklace to complete the look~

Top - Singapore
Bottoms - Cotton On
Socks - H&M
Shoes - Bangkok
Necklace - Bangkok

One more selca to end the post, haha!

Gonna get my hair done soon for CNY and I can't wait to post the results! Crossed fingers that it'll turn out right!

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