December 13, 2013

{Review} Majolica Majorca Lash King & Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In

I've always wanted to try out Majolica Majorca's mascara series however their prices are slightly more pricey for a drugstore product so I've been hesitating since forever. Back in BKK, they were having promotion at Watsons for 300baht each so I knew I had to get them!

Majolica Majorca Lash King

"For the longest ever unrivaled lashes, Lash King contains 5mm super long fibers, first time in Majolica Majorca's history! Extend your lashes towards the peak of the Lash World! Only one coat is needed to achieve length, volume and fullness. This waterproof formula that is resistant to sweat, sebum and tears. Claim the throne with King-sized lashes!

The spiral comb emphasizes on the middle lash while separating side lashes. The deep grooved and broad toothed comb helps to apply mascara perfectly along the roots to give an eyeliner effect."

Length ★★★★
The lengthening is good! It's the best one I've used so far. I only applied two coats and they look so good already.

Volume ★★★
The volume is not that great by itself. I tried to build it up but my lashes still look a little sparse.

Separation ★★★★
The comb separates the lashes well, but there are a little clumps from the fibers so make sure you comb it thoroughly!

Curl ★★
By itself, this mascara doesn't hold the curl of my lashes that well. After an hour or so, they'll droop back down looking sad again. :(

Removal ★★★
One thing I'm really particular about is the removing of mascara. I hate rubbing my eyelids excessively to remove it! The formula is not a film-type mascara so it takes a bit of effort to remove it. But it's still okay with a few swipes. In another note, the formula has a weird smell to it but no worries because it doesn't smell once it has dried. :)

Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In

"Mascara base to be used before any mascara to enhance lashes!
New jet-black fiber formula. A semi-transparent liquid coats each lash for more thickness, length and fullness! Helps improve mascara's holding power...and of course curl! Curl that stays on until you remove your makeup."

Length ★★★★★
The lengthening effect is awesome! My lashes by itself look as long as some false eyelashes out there!

Volume ★★★★
Voluming effect is great as well. My lashes look darker and thicker.

Separation ★★★★
The comb separates my lashes really well! No messy fibers stuck onto my lashes anymore!

Curl ★★★★
I was really impressed that it holds the curl of my lashes so well! I wore it out for 11 hours and my lashes are still curled. It did droop down a little bit, but my lashes are still curled upwards. :)

Removal ★
Removing this together with the Lash King mascara was terrible. Yes, with these two together your lashes look perfect, sweat proof and tear proof (I've tested them too! :D) but removing them takes so much time! No matter how I soak my lashes with my makeup remover before I swipe it off, it still removes little by little each time. I had to rub them to slowly get them off so it didn't feel good at all. :(

Side by side comparison. Left eye with Lash Bone Black Fiber In, right eye without.

With their beautiful packaging, I think they are a good present this Christmas season!

I thought short hair makes you look younger? I feel like I look older here. Hmm... But with these mascara, you can achieve dolly eyes anytime and look cute again! :D

Christmas is coming soon, I'm excited, what about you? :)


  1. You look absolutely flawless! The fiber mascara looks good but to be honest the lash king one looks pretty bad >...> not your fault obviously, they need to formulate it better.

  2. Sample Hime- Thank you! I think what you mean is that they make spidery lashes??

  3. The lash bone lash fibre in makes your lashes look reallly long!
    I've been hesitant as to whether or not i should buy this mascara but seeing as the performance isn't that great, i might as well invest in another mascara ^o^ Thanks for your review, and I'm following you through GFC now♥


    1. The lash bone fibre is really good and I'm loving it, but the mascara performs averagely so I'm still looking for something that'll surpass it. :D Thanks for following! :D