December 24, 2013

Playing photographer

Every year I would have a mini photoshoot session with my besties at Comic Fiesta. Not sure why we do that, perhaps it's because we can save all the hassle trying to find photos of ourselves at the event. Since I just got my new camera and I wasn't cosplaying this year, so I had a brilliant opportunity to try out portrait photography. Who else can I ask for who'd let me take many photos of themselves, haha!

Day 1 Ally, Angel and Ky Li were all cosplaying characters from Suisei no Gargantia. Personally I haven't watched the anime myself, so I had to ask them what it was about and try to capture pictures which would tell you the story with their brief descriptions. We got to the KLCC park where there were ants crawling everywhere but I'm glad we got a few nice shots. :)

Ky Li's sister was cosplaying as Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa, which is one of the anime I watched recently. She made some cards as props for her character and we decided to play with it. :D I tried a few times throwing the cards and capture them but they always end up covering her face lol. Gotta experiment more with moving objects...

Laying her cards around her dress looks really cool, don't you think? While we were photographing, someone walked up to us and asked if she was cosplaying as a fortune teller character haha!

There were lots of photographers as usual this year, but what surprised us was polaroid photography! Ky Li got a polaroid of her original character for day 2 and it looked so good! I don't use polaroids because the films are expensive but I appreciate when people do that for cosplayer. :)

Ally was cosplaying a character from Kakumeiki Valvrave on day 2. We wanted to do the photoshoot outside with buildings for a futuristic feel but it was raining so we had to get indoors. I told her, just stand here with the wires as backdrop lol.

Onn Kei and Ky Li both were dressing up as their Original Characters on day 2. When a random stranger asks for a photo they get into pose immediately but when I ask them to pose for a photo they didn't know what to do..... (^^;) So I had to suggest them a few poses, hehe~

End of Comic Fiesta and we're all worn out by the end of the day. I find this photo really funny! XD

Off to get ready for Christmas Party tonight, see you soon! :)


  1. Omgg what a cute photoshoot, loving the cosplay outfits!
    You guys look great hehe~


    1. Thank you (^^) It was my first attempt, but I think I could've done it better~