December 23, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2013

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What a weekend! 2 days of fun and activities drained out so much of my energy that I hardly managed to get myself out of my bed this morning! The video above will show you a brief tour of Comic Fiesta, which is getting more and more massive each year! This year, the event itself had occupied up to 6 halls at KL Convention Centre, not to mention was the long queue which extended far off from the event. I'm glad to be attending as CF's Official Blogger again this year for the exclusive event scoop and of course, skipping queues and getting in and out easily ehehehe~

See yourself anywhere in there?

Early morning I met up with fellow blogger, Chelses and her sister Ridley (who's not in this picture). I'm really happy more people are volunteering as bloggers this year as compared to the past two years. The more the merrier~

Early bird gets the worm, everyone rushed to get their limited merchandise at Culture Japan booth! I was there on day 1 before the crowd entered and as soon as they counted down to get in, everyone RAN in to line up for the goodies. It's like a battlefield for the lovely merchandises. (O_O) You know what to do for next year's CF now? ;)

Pretty Angie as Solar Marine Mirai-chan on Day 2

Roamed around Good Smile Company to check out their figurines! I love Hatsune Miku's Love is War figure so so much!

Contestants of the cosplay competitions gathered for a group photo! Everyone had pretty and colourful cosplays! (*^*)/

After that, I went to catch Danny Choo's Culture Japan session with my friends as we were excited to see the live demonstration of the smart dolls. Danny showcased lots of interesting things at Comic Fiesta including a hologram Mirai dancing in a pyramid! (Did you catch that in the video?)

Lots of doujin booths this year and premium art booths too. They always showcase their beautiful BJD at conventions like this. I just can't resist myself from taking a picture of them despite the crowd lol, however I wouldn't have these at home :/ Perhaps I watched too much horror movies which made me imagine all sorts of things.....

Comic Fiesta's mascots at Coffytiam. I love the photo a lot with the awesome cosplayers and the wonderful backdrop!

And guess what? For the first time ever I witness a marriage proposal at Comic Fiesta!!! There was a large commotion going on at Hall 6 while I was there with my friend so being the curious cat I tried to squeeze through the crowd and saw the proposal. Of course, we didn't take it seriously at first since they were both cosplaying, what if it was just an act? But then it was revealed that it was an ACTUAL PROPOSAL!!! Congratulations on your engagement!

With my friend all the way back from primary school, Jaslyn.

There were so many cosplayers hanging around Hall 6 as well, how can I not take a few shots?

Went outside to roam around for a bit before I started melting and go back indoors again lol. Met the lovely Kiba too :D

As expected, the lightning in Hall 5 is the best. There you see lots of photographers snapping away. It makes me really happy to join in as the 'photographers' this year as I'm not cosplaying. Honestly I enjoy taking good shots at a convention than cosplaying itself :/

Bumped into my college's anime club friends! They're twins, can you tell them apart? (^^)

You know what makes being a blogger great at these events is to be able to get close with the special guests and know more about them. The guests line up for this year is so awesome, with a few whom I've always wanted to meet, Onnies, Yuegene and Danny Choo. There were other guests such as Stayxxx, Krystal and artists like Ikkyu, DMYO, VOFAN, livetune etc. whom I saw too but sadly I didn't get to take a picture with them. :(

With fellow bloggers Ridley, Ying Tze and Chelses!

And pretty Hermes too! :D

Here's the interview session with Onnies. You've really got to watch it, she's just so cute and bubbly!

And I got a photo with her too! :D

It's Yuegene!!! Watch the interview session with her too. There are lots of interesting questions and insight scoops which you don't wanna miss~

Also, here's a special video message from Yuegene to Malaysian fans! Credits to Ridley :)

And I shyly asked for a photo too~ Just too handsome already!

And that pretty much sums up my weekend at Comic Fiesta this year. It was great fun this year meeting with so many people and getting awesome pictures are memories. :D I'm really glad that I decided to invest in a good camera this year, haha! I didn't buy any doujins or merchandise this year so forgive me if there isn't any loot or purchases to show you because I'm moving next year so I thought I should refrain from buying things starting from now...

I still have some pictures which I will blog about in another post where I attempted to be a photographer for the first time for my besties. I'm still really new to this photography thing and I'm not good at portraits yet so Comic Fiesta was a really good exposure and learning space for me with so many pretty and fun subjects. :D Looking forward to Comic Fiesta again next year! :D

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