November 1, 2013

18th Birthday Celebration

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all those who wished me on my special day. Some of your wishes were unexpected but they were a pleasant surprise. :) I'm guilty of being self-obsessed sometimes because you know what? I stayed up late last night waiting for the flooding Facebook wishes which never happened lol. #memesarelies Still, it was the only day when I'm busiest with replying all your wishes, so thank you very much!!!

It's been a long long day and things actually turned out to be the way I want, which is great! Although I didn't have a birthday cake to say my wishes but that's okay. :)

In fact, I listed down some wishes after Angel texted me on Whatsapp the other day. They're wishes, yes, but they have always been my long term goals so the most I can wish for is to achieve the closest as I can to them. They're not material things btw...

Going back to the topic, here's how I spent my day today! :D

I had nail art classes as usual this morning because I don't want to miss my classes since time is precious! Afterwards I went for lunch at Pasta Zanmai which was not my usual place to go for lunch at Midvalley. That one meal costed more than RM30 which is equivalent to 3 days meal at Midvalley itself. It was a good meal and I suppose it's okay to treat yourself once in a while, hehe!

After lunch, I went for my appointment at 76 style! I chose the last day for my birthday month Ultrasonic Treatment offer and coincidentally it fell on my birthday too! (Ok, not really, I kinda planned this out :P) It was a fun experience doing the Ultrasonic Treatment which uses vibration instead of steaming. Do you know that steam treatment only last for a few days because as it steams your hair to allow the cuticles to open for the treatment to be absorbed, many times the cuticles are not closed back thus the treatment you have applied is basically gone after a few days?

After the absorption of the treatment, hair mask was applied and rinsed, followed by tonic and blow drying. Since it was my birthday I requested for a wavy curl so I can look good for dinner, hehe~ My hair has grown out a lot since my last visit but I might only be visiting when I decide to get my fringe cut at the same time... (^^;) Anyways, many thanks to Shaun and his assistant for the kind hostility and services! It was a great experience at 76Style again! :D

Good service makes you forget about your previous bad experience lol, like what I went through few days ago....

Since it's my birthday, I took the trouble to actually get my nails done, MYSELF. This set of gel nails are varsity style inspired, with my initials and the year I was born. Normally I don't do my right hand because I'm right handed and it's a fuss to do anything on it since my left hand can barely manage any nail art. Here're some applauses for myself. :P

Dinner @ Ben's KLCC!

Finally dining at Ben's. You don't know how many times I wanted to go in there but the prices on the menu held me back. I absolutely love their interior design so did my mom! In choosing a place to dine in, it's always atmosphere first then food for me. The place was so nicely decorated that we wanted to bring back some of the ideas for our new house next year! :D

Actually, once you see their pasta portions, you will think that their prices are pretty reasonable! They were so huge that we had to stop eating midway to digest then continue lol!

We actually contemplated on ordering a slice of cake for my birthday (I'm not a cake lover) but we were way too full to eat anything more. So no cake it is.

Bet you're wondering what I got for my birthday...right? I actually got my presents long ago and had opened them but decided not to reveal them till I posted this post. My birthday presents were all simple surprises this year yet they held so much meanings to me.

I got a box of cookies and masks from Ky Li and a beret and a Hello Kitty pencil case from Ally. I love them all! Thank you so much!

The cookies which Ky Li gave me were so beautiful that till today I still haven't ate them yet, hahahahah~! I'm sure she's having a weird reaction reading this lol :P (No, there's no mold yet, they still look fine and I'm gonna eat them soon~ :P)

And of course, the best surprise of all was a bouquet of SUNFLOWERS from my mom and a hand drawn card from my brother. It's my first time receiving flowers and I'm glad it's from my mom lol and a simple card from my brother was really heartwarming as well. Mom knows my favourite flowers are Sunflowers and she bought real ones for me and wrapped them up herself to save cost. We're a simple family and I'm more than content with the simple things they do to show me their love. I love them so much and can't help but to tear up as I typed this...

Thank you Daddy, Mommy and Samuel. I love you all.

And thank you for all the wishes and blessing from everyone. I hope that in return they will be your blessing too. :)

I'll never forget today. :')

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