October 13, 2013

My First Self Reward!

Visited Korean Village at Ampang a few days ago to buy some Kimchi and got a Popsicle at the korean mart too. I shouldn't be eating anything cold but please excuse me. :P

Honestly, I wouldn't lie about how my life has been going through a lot of ups and downs lately. Sometimes just when you think things are going the way you plan, something pops out and tells you to go off plan instead. I'm not going to reveal what it is just yet, but if I am going to take that big decision then I guess I will be revealing in my blog~

Hard decisions in life never fail to bug me. When I have to make a choice which carries much impact to myself, often I'm thrown into a dilemma which ultimately leads to stress which causes me insomnia. I kept praying for an answer from God and yes, I broke down crying and praying last night, venting out to God, lol. Not sure if that's an answer but as I flipped open Nick Vujicic's book Unstoppable, the title of the chapter which I stopped at was 'Letting Go to Reach Higher'. I know the whole thing seems vague right now, but once I've properly blogged about it, you'll know why...

All the worry and crying made me feel so down when I woke up this morning for church. After service I went to Starbucks (It has become one of my favourite chill out place) and I myself a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucino. A simple smiley from the barista made my day (at least for that moment). Thank you so much!

My day just kept getting better today! We had some time off after church so I went to Low Yat with my parents to seek out my birthday gift. The camera I had on my mind was Sony's NEX-5r which has been discontinued as replaced by the NEX-5t, with just an additional of NFC function which I don't need at all. It was sold out at many shops and I was getting quite disappointed, after all I saved up since last year for my dream camera! I was getting desperate so I said a simple prayer that I'll be able to find my desired camera, guess what? The next shop I asked had it! And it was the last stock!

Presenting to you~ My Baby Camera!

Initialy I wanted it in Black or White as a second option. But they were all sold out and there was only Silver left. Had me sitting at the counter pouting to my mom for some while but in the end I decided to get it anyways since it's the photography which matters to me more rather than the colour of it, lol.

My budget was RM2300 and this was discounted to RM1880. I added a 32GB memory card (RM150) and a lens protector (RM150 with purchase of the camera) which entitled me to a free screen protector. A total sum of RM2170 which is within my budget! How great it is to still have money left after buying something you wished for for so long? :D

Anyways, I still haven't get to play with it since it's still charging as I'm typing this post but I'll be playing with it tomorrow! Haha! And I'm so excited to be taking photos of my first Halloween tutorial this year with my new camera!

It comes with an external flash too. But once you attach it you can't use the 180 flip which bothers me a bit, but I heard the night mode is good enough that a flash is not necessary. :) I'll be carrying it for my travels soon, can't wait to snap lots of pictures with it!

I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment to have finally achieved one of my long term goals! :D Something to be ticked off the list now, hehe~

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