October 29, 2013

I dyed my hair lighter!

It's my birthday in two days time so I thought I should dye my hair for this special occasion. I've always wanted to try blonde and had tweeted bout it numerous times already. With a happy mood, I went to a housing area hair saloon which my mom recommended me (I am really disappointed with my decision to do so and it makes me doubt my mom's judgement on things like this).

I thought I can finally get the colour I want until I was told that they don't want to bleach my hair because they claim that they want to maintain my hair quality. (-1) And when I was asked about my previous dye jobs I told them I dyed twice at a saloon and once at home and they said I had bleached my hair because the colour was already so vibrant. No, that's not true at all, I had never bleached my hair before, it's just that my hair gets coloured easily and it becomes even lighter after fading each time. (-1) They suggested that I dye my hair with the lightest dye possible, which was blonde and I can get maybe two shades darker than what's shown. It's not what I want but I tolerated. (-1) I got my hair washed before dying it and when they tried to comb out my hair they were tugging it like crazy. I know my hair is considered dry even though I try my best to keep it healthy but when I went to 76 style nothing like this happened. Even when I was the color model. (-1) Then, the dye job began and I had two stylist applying the colour onto my hair. Tugging even more than ever, it felt like every part they apply they pulled out few strands of my hair. I have a pretty good tolerance for pains like this but it was just too painful that it make me cringe. (-1) Once done applying, I had to get the chemical washed out and the stylist applied conditioner on my hair to make things easier. But when she tried to separate my hair stands while I was lying down at the basin, she pulled my hair so hard that my head was pulled to one side and mind you, it hurt so badly because the sink was hard. (-1)

I was crying inside for my hair. Thus, 6 (-1) thumbs down.

But it's only RM140 so you pay for what you get. I have no say on this but I know I won't be going for cheap alternatives like this anymore. I'd rather fork out my savings for a good experience.

This was my hair before which had faded from Ash Brown back in July.

And here's my hair today. It's a brassy yellow tone and I hope the yellow goes away soon. :(

It's my birthday month and I hope I can get an appointment booked with 76 style for treatment and perhaps I can get some advice from them on how to fix my hair. I took their advice since July and my hair was much manageable the past few months!

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