September 16, 2013

What I've discovered of The Secret

I guess sometimes your cleaning mood just strikes out of the blue. I actually CLEANED MY ROOM thoroughly in months! I know it seems I've been living in a dirty environment all these while, oops!!!

Whilst every major cleaning session I would surely throw junk out of my room. Things I bought some time ago yet never got to use them, got tired of or things which I received but have no use of. Sometimes seeing back pieces of memories which I've collected bit by bit all these years, although they are quite meaningful to me, sometimes I have no use of that something anymore. What would you do in such circumstances?

For me, the easiest is to throw them away if they mean not much value to you anymore. You may feel a little sad to throw them but if you think again, if throwing them away doesn't make much changes to you, I guess that's fine after all. People come and go by, and things come and go by as well. No matter how important that something might be, one day when you leave the world, what is it that you can bring away with you?

Material things are things which you can't bring over to the other side once you life ends here. You can have all the money, golds, silver and jewels but they can't accompany you forever. We hold on to something because they reminds you of a piece of memory, whether it's sweet or in certain circumstances, not. But I feel that what's most important from these things are the feelings you gain with people. For example, you can receive gifts from you loved ones every year, but the meaning which lies in these gifts are their feeling of love for you, and that I think is the true gift.

Believing in God has helped me see the truth. Remember I used to read and practice The Secret? I finish them last year and have since placed them in my bookshelf, never touching them. Not sure why, I decided to clean today, and I took those books out again. I had a feeling that these books weren't teaching the truth, although they did include scriptures from the Bible itself. I know I was crazy about them last year but I decided to Googled them relating to Christianity today and I finally confirmed the truth myself.

These books were good in terms of teaching you to be positive and be grateful however, many times they have misinterpreted God's words and have build up a psychological  concept that you can gain whatever you want, thereby placing YOU as the divine controller, in other words, you are the God. Now, in most religions we believe that we have a God above us and God is the creator of universe. Why is it that these books tell us that we can shift the universe to manifest around us? To gain anything we want? Doesn't that put us in the place of God? Do you actually think you can get everything you want and the result of misfortunes are sometimes your own negative thinkings? NO!

As the saying goes, 'When there is a will, there is a way'. Although it is possible for us to achieve goals when we work hard for it, there is a limit to these words. Certain things are just wrong for us to get them. Let's just say if you want someone else's spouse, and you apply The Secret theory to it, do you actually think that you can get the person to love you? Even if you do, is that even right?

I felt that the whole theory makes one become self-centered and materialistic. In fact, I can't believe I had been blinded by these thoughts all these while! Now I'm really glad that I've finally found the truth, through the words of God himself. Jesus is my Lord and I believe solely in Him. I see that even in down times, he had always tried to hold onto my hand, never letting go. I'm truly blessed to have Him in my life. He is my strength, power, and above all, my father in heaven. Amen.

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