September 4, 2013

3D Flower nails

Time sure passes pass and it's September already. Time to sleep, wake me up when September ends. :) Haha!

Anyways, lately I've been busy with nail art again and if you follow me on Instagram (@haniekuar) you'll see recent updates filled with pictures mostly on nails. I'm almost done with my course now, I'm left with 3D art and folk art course. Oh, by the way, I take my classes at Colour Culture (OPI Nail Academy), Northpoint, Midvalley.

I've been struggling with acrylic nails. I'm good in art, but not that good in stuff which involves sculpting. A total opposite from my mom who's really good in stuff like that. I'm the type who would get fed up with sculpting halfway and just flatten the whole thing. I've lost count on how many fake nails I threw away while I practiced, lol.

So I've finally got the hang of it and here are some pictures showing you my creations!

My current nails!

Good thing about learning nail art is that you'll save all the extra bucks of going to a nail salon, unless you want to get pampered, hahaha! But the bad thing is if you're not ambidextrous, then you'll end up with one hand with pretty nails and the other not as pretty. :(

I've been watching so many videos on Youtube on 3D nails and they surely helped me a lot! Personally, I love to find Japanese videos although I can only understand partly but their skills are amazing! I did these roses after watching several videos. It's my first attempt actually since my teacher hasn't taught me how to do roses yet, but I think it looks pretty fine! :D

My nail art 'homework'

You won't believe how long these took me to finish! From the base colour all the way to the flowers, I had to gradually build up each layer with LOTS of patience. I just finish it an hour ago and here I'm blogging about them, because I really want to show you! :D

I have another set which is yet to be done, which I guess I'll be showing them by this week! :D

My nail art course should finish around a months plus. Then I guess I still have some time before I start my college. I'm planning to do freelancing but I'm not sure where to begin actually, I've only done them for a few friends and mostly my mom, hahaha! Isn't it nice to have a daughter who does nail art? :P

Setting aside the nail art stuff, I've recently purchased some new items from Etude House again! I'm a huge fan of theirs and I'm building up a collection already! I've got some of their newest products and I'll be doing review on them real soon, and also some tutorials too. Do follow my blog on Imotiv, Bloglovin or GFC! <3

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