August 24, 2013

My Favourite Youtube Gurus

It's Saturday again! It's scary how fast time passes by! Initially I wanted to do a post on gradient lips today but last night I started getting sore throat and when I woke up this morning it was hurting badly and I'm having a runny nose at the same time... (;_;)

It's a free day from me as I have absolutely no plans for today other than resting so I decided to blog. My fingers are always up to some exercise anyways! XD

On free days like this, I really enjoy browsing through videos on Youtube, in fact, I check updates from my subscriptions everyday! There are so many youtube gurus out there who are constantly updating with fun or informative videos. I love what they are doing and their generosity for sharing so many information with us viewers! So here are some of my favourite Youtube gurus!

Bubzbeauty! I love her inspiring videos! In her beauty channel she creates looks which are easy to follow and nail are which are simple and cute! I also love how she prioritize skin care which is so important for a beautiful canvas before you apply any makeup on. She also has another channel for her vlogs which I love too, seeing so much fun in her life makes me feel happy as well. Bubz has the cutest dogs and funniest husband ever, congratulations on their wedding! Check out her videos!

Next, another Youtube guru who emits so much of happy energy, Kandee Johnson! She's been on Youtube for a long time but I haven't got to watch her videos until last month and I must say that I'm hooked onto her quirky and fun personality! She's also very creative and knowledgeable in makeup which is my main interest. She has a blog as well and I enjoy reading her posts. It feels like she's just talking to you, haha!

You know I love makeup, so how can I miss out Michelle Phan?! She gorgeous and talented and has such a beautiful voice! She's one of the Youtube gurus which I have subscribed to for the longest time. I love many of her videos and I'm happy that she has released her own line of cosmetics! How I wish I can be like her someday, hehehe~ One of the videos I love from her was her Draw My Life video. It was so touching and beautiful seeing how she had been through many ups and downs to where she is today.

For more makeup tips, check out gossmakeupartist! Yes, he's a guy but his knowledge in makeup is so much more vast than us girls! You're gonna be impressed by the information he shares in his channel. There are so many tips you and I didn't know and he explains them in detail. Definitely must watch if you are a makeup enthusiast! :D

Next, here's another makeup Youtube guru, Pearypie! She's from Thailand so most of her videos are in thai but she's so gorgeous and versatile with her looks! Although there's a language barrier for us non-thai speakers, I enjoy watching her step-by-step tutorials. It's pretty much understandable to me actually, hehe~ Check out her Instagram and Facebook page!

If you are keen on Japanese culture like me, then don't miss out on J Diary! The channel has just started recently but the video quality is awesome! They show you lots of kawaii stuff such as food, crafts and songs! Do subscribe to this channel! :D

Here's a Youtube guru from Hong Kong, Hana Tam! Her videos might not be for everyone because they are in Cantonese but I love her makeup looks and her bubbly personality! She does vlogs, tutorials and reviews so it's a great channel to subscribe to! Occasionally she does song covers too and yes, she can really sing! Check out her latest video~

Lastly, a channel I recently subscribed to, Blogilates! I found her channel through Bubz and her positive attitude got me hooked onto her videos! For a lazy person like me, for once, I like working out with her! I just started recently on her videos and I'll be posting a post on getting fit soon! Stay tuned!

So what are your favourite Youtube channels? Share them with me in the comment section, perhaps we'll find a mutual interest~! :D


  1. Ehhh you've also subscribe Hana too? I just found out her channel this morning and subscribe her XD
    You may also check out Anneorshine, B2B崔米, q2han and also Bren Lui . They're pretty awesome too :D

  2. Caydence- Yeah, I love her videos! :D Wow, the channels you recommended are really awesome! I subscribed to a few too! :D