August 7, 2013

Food Rage

Although it should be a good thing when my brother who's 10 this year starts to have a good appetite, I can't help but to get extremely frustrated. Everything I saved up to eat is gone in a flash. Let's say mom bought some jackfruit the other day and I had one piece and decided to leave it in the refrigerator to have it later on. But after an hour when I checked the refrigerator again, it's gone! And my told me my brother ate all of it (there were more than 10 pieces).

Well of course I got angry that what I tried to save up to be eaten later on was gone so soon, into his tummy. (- -) Jackfruit was just an example of his glutton lately, he ate a lot more of the stuff I want too.

I'm the sort of person who saves up food and consume them slowly, one by one. Yeah, I cherish food :P If I had a cake with a strawberry on it, I'll have the cake and save the strawberry for last. Which is why I tend to get angry when someone else steals that strawberry which I deliberately tried to save up.

I stand at a slight advantage compared to my brother because I have more allowance than him. That means I can either choose to save it up or spend them on stuff. I confess that I'm rather timid and have several times kept snacks which I bought myself in a corner of a shelf in my room. Of course my family found out and my brother complained that I was not sharing food with him. So I tried to keep food where food should belong, in the kitchen.

What angers me the most is when the food I bought which I wanted to try was gone before I even had it. Look, it's my allowance and i you want to eat it, would you please ask my permission? I would gladly share it with you if you presented good manners. :) DON'T EVER be a rat and gobble up my food without asking.

In my brother's case he had a sister like me so he has to ask first. But I'm the eldest so I only have to ask my parents. I might not understand his position but I've been through the period where you want to eat 24/7. Yes, it's hard to control as you're growing but I remembered that I asked my mom every time I wanted to eat something. When I told my mom about my dissatisfaction towards my brother, she tried to make my see things more open minded. To see the positive side of things instead of the negative ones. To be honest, it's very hard to do so.

I pray that perhaps God would open up my mind about being selfish over food. There should always be enough for us if we ask humbly from him. Perhaps this is something which I have to learn to overcome. They say no matter how tough the challenge is, once you've overcome it you'll become stronger. Just a few days ago I saw Nick Vujicic's tweet saying that there's a FEAR NOT for each days in our lives. Thus we shall not fear as we face the challenges in our lives as God will be there to watch over us when face challenges.

On a side note, a few times I got so angry I told my family that I'm going to buy a mini refrigerator and lock up my food inside. Now that I think of it, it sounds really funny!

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