August 19, 2013

Bold and bolder lips

Hello! So bold lips have been on trend for some while now and they are so fun to wear! The colours are so bold that some might not be adventurous enough to wear them out. But it's perfectly alright as you can wear these fun and vibrant colours in gradient lips/ombre lips/stained lips style. (Whatever it's called, haha!)

I only got my hands on a few shades of lippies which shouts BOLD and here they are!

From the left, I have Pink Alarm by IN2IT. It's a drugstore brand but it's very good for its cheap price at RM19.90. This lipstick glides on so smoothly and stays on for long hours! And it's true to its colour shown which is what I love about it! In the middle, I have Sheer Plum by M.A.C. I had it for a long time already and haven't been getting to use it. It's sort of a warm brown tone instead of a plum shade. Very different from the range of colours of lipsticks I have. As for the one on the right, it's Viva Glam by M.A.C. If you read my older posts you'll know how much I loved this lipstick. It has a cool undertone but my skin tone matches both cool and warm undertones so it's alright for me. :)

To show you the comparison between gradient lips and lipstick applied fully, I have took several pictures and put them side by side for comparison. Here I am once again bombarding you with lots of selcas~ :P

On the left I applied Pink Alarm in gradient style. On the right I applied it fully onto my lips.

A hot pink shade is a vibrant shade and it's one of the colours telling you to get out of your comfort zone of safe colour lippies. If you're not daring enough to sport the shade being applied fully, try applying in gradient style instead. Hot Pink brightens up your complexion and make your whole look looks fun!

Viva Glam in gradient style on the left and applied fully on the right.

Red is fun shade! Before you get yourself a red lipstick, do take some time to learn about your skin undertone! Here's a very informative video by Michelle Phan. :) Personally I find red gradient lips very beautiful. It made my lips look dolly and cute! And if you ever face problems such as lipstick staining your teeth, just suck your thumb and pull it out to remove the excess lipstick. (^^)

And here I have Sheer Plum in gradient style on the left and applied fully on the right.

It's fun to see how a brownish lipstick looks on me. :D For the gradient part, I actually blended a little red into it as the shade itself made me looked sickly. :/ But overall I think it looks okay. It's never wrong to try for fun anyways! :D


HAHAHAHA! Never thought I would do so but as I kept trying on lipstick shades black came across my mind and I decided to try it out! I don't have a black lipstick so I used an eyeliner to line the edges and filled it in with my black cream eyeshadow. What do you think of my black lips? Let's kiss someone with black lips hahahaha!

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