July 3, 2013

Sometimes being a little unhealthy is alright...

Many friends and readers have been trying to cheer me up regarding what I posted yesterday. How great can these people be? :'D I appreciate every thoughts, comments and messages they left me even though I didn't get to reply to them all. Many have reminded me about perseverance in tough situations but I'm really sorry that I've made my decision to withdraw from my current course. I've been wondering about whether what I was doing was right or wrong for weeks already and sometimes when the matter isn't getting too out of hand yet, I would just keep it to myself instead of letting my parents know. I only broke down last weekend when my mom was talking about how stressed up I look. I couldn't keep it to myself anymore, so I had to let it all out.

My college gave me a call today asking whether I'll still be attending class or not as my lecturers are concerned about me missing so many classes already. I'm really touched that they do care about me, but it's hard to tell them that I've decided to withdraw after all their efforts in guiding me throughout the past two months. My classmates have been messaging me almost everyday on my private Facebook account, honestly, I do want to tell them the truth, but I do not know whether I should or not. Yet, I sincerely thank everyone for their kindness and care. Even though it's been a short 2 months, thank you for the good times you all gave me. :) Let's keep in contact, yeah? :D

The matter is still unresolved right now in my mind. I'm spending more time doing household chores (which I almost never do) just to get the matter out of my mind. Like some sort of escape. However, I know I can't run from this and I have to put a stop, to end it, preferably well. May the almighty God above bless me and my family, would you please hold our hands and lead us through this? I don't know what else I can pray, but I know the power lies in God.

I had instant noodles for lunch today, let's have something unhealthy while dealing with stress eh?


  1. aw! Thats great that your feeling better! Don't worry and smile!
    I hope you get the college thing sorted soon! By the way your cosplays are sooo cute! I really like your cosplay! btw Would you like to follow each on GFC? Let me know :3


  2. LoveChloe- Thank you sweetie! <3 In fact it's almost settled, I've submitted my letter of withdrawal and am just waiting for their response :)
    I have a few cosplay plans on hand now, hopefully I will get to cosplay them by this year! :D I still have lots to improve on (^^;) Hope to meet you at ACG events!

    I hardly use GFC now but I've followed you on Bloglovin! :D You have lots of interesting features of cosplayers! :D