July 26, 2013

New Hair + Gyaru Makeup

Hello it's been a while! So yesterday was a day off for me from my nail art classes since the academy was closed, I went for movie and got my hair dyed! :D Nowadays I tend to watch movie alone most of the time; I've slowly got off that self-pity mode and instead try to enjoy being alone. I watched Pacific Rim and I'm impressed with the graphic effects! The storyline however, was a bit of a fusion of Ultraman, Shingeki no Kyojin and Gundam to me, haha!

Anyways, here's my new hair colour! It's ash brown I think?

I had the chance to be the colour model for Jeremy from 76style for his exam. It impresses me that the trainees are working so hard to get a pass from the examiners! It was a refreshing experience to be at the saloon past working hours, haha!

Talking bout the colour, initially I thought I could go for any colour so I actually wanted to try ash blue. But when I arrived at the saloon I got to know that I was only able to choose colours which doesn't require bleaching, but that's okay too :) So I chose ash brown instead. The dye job came out pretty okay, the top is lighter than the bottom lol! I guess I hold on to it for maybe a month before I'll get it fixed :) Sadly, Jeremy told me that he didn't pass the exam :( Cheer up, there'll always be next time, I'm sure you can pass it! :)

Notice my nail art? I drew them myself! :D I got the chance to do gel nail extension + design on my nails so I did this simple and chic design! :D I'm happy with my classes so far but I haven't took any test yet. I still need to polish up a bit before taking my test! Ganbarimasu~!

Oh oh! And did you notice that my makeup is slightly different here? :D I finally tried out Gyaru makeup again after many many months! I still miss my Gyaru days but I'm too lazy to apply false eyelashes all the time. In fact, since I haven't been applying makeup with so much falsies, I thought I look weird in real :/ Do you think I still suit such makeup? Leave a comment below! :D


  1. I like your new hair colour! It's really nice on you. Your make up is nice too. I missed your more dramatic make up. lol. It suits you. (But I think most people suit more make up ^.^)
    And I'm gonna have to start going to the cinema alone to. Doesn't sound depressing when you think about it. Don't have to wait for late friends... don't have to share the popcorn and can sit anywhere YOU want. lol XD Yep. Pretty perfect~

  2. Bunny.Berri- Thank you! :D You miss it? I'm too lazy to apply falsies so I hardly do looks like this nowadays. XD I guess I'll try to be more hardworking, haha!
    Oh yes, looking at the positive side of going to the cinema alone is that you can choose any movie you like and enjoy it all by yourself! Also, it's much easier to purchase seats on peak days since you only buy one seat! :D

  3. >w< I like you with this hair colour!! Was it expensive to colour it?

    This eye make style really suits you!! I can't do it haha so I'm rather jealous of your skills at makeup QwQ

    Great post!!

    PS. Please do more make up tutorials <3

  4. Naito Ryuu- Thank you! :D I was a colour model so I didn't have to pay. :) I guess the makeup looks nice on me but it takes much longer to apply so I don't go for gyaru styles as often nowadays (^^;)
    I plan to do some makeup tutorials, perhaps you have some ideas for me? :)

  5. Yes! You look so pretty and natural here, arghh jealous T.T

  6. cowcowpow- Haha, thanks! Hard work pays off, lol!

  7. Wow you look awesome, this eye makeup certainly suits you :D

  8. GIllian Ong- Thank you sweetie! <3